Cinnamon and oats cake

In class 1 today, the seasonal stuff moves forward, and with that comes some crucial language.... learning how to say "Merry Christmas!!! They've nailed it. Well done team. Next up, their each made their own Christmas cards; Pau in particular took lots of care and attention on his card, drawing his own reindeer. He seemed to really be getting into character; insisting everyone call him Father Christmas!! Carla drew a beautiful snowflake on her card and, in the kitchen, Bernat made the most chocolatey cookie. Yum yum yum. Today, Our class 2 teacher ,Jo ,had the pleasure of introducing the farm school to a whole new class of students! They started off baking, where they learnt them how to

Christmas cards

As the evenings get colder and the nights grow darker, we are still in high spirits here as Casa Nostra! We are now in full Christmas mode as we prepare for our little Christmas song performance! Today class one made Christmas cards and twinkle twinkle little star biscuits. Jan and Noa are incredible, knowing all the colours in garden and always saying please and thank you. Biel and Noah made beautiful Christmas tree Christmas cards. Alex was amazing at cooking today and Julia picked an amazing cauliflower for her brother. In class two all the girls did brilliantly at learning new words such as cauliflower which they'd picked from the garden and learning how to say and write 'reindeer' to k

Christmas hats

We had another beautiful day at Casa Nostra, and even the rain didn't stop us from having fun! Class 1 made glitter pine cones and leaf rubbings. Artistic Ian and his cousin Martina made amazing pine cones. Lila, Sofia and Adria all bought their favourite toys to introduce to the class and they helped making the biscuits in the kitchen. Lluc and Guillem loved feeding the chickens and Arnau's English was astounding- he explained to the class how to say "Father Christmas". In class 2 with Jo they learned a few little facts about reindeers- How to say it in English and how to write the word, Berta and Esteles handwriting was perfect! They then made reindeer hats with antlers which they are goi

Leaf artists

Pine cones and glitter and chickens and kings, these are a few of our favourite things! At Casa Nostra we're embracing the winter chill but that hasn't kept us from the garden. Class 1 collected leaves to do amazing leaf rubbings. Nicasi, Alex and Gael made the best leaf artists. Using a host of different colours for the leaves. Marc loved planting the spinach and Xenia always listens attentively to the class book. Luca bought his dinosaur into class and we took photos of it around the garden. Jo's class learnt all about Santas Reindeers. Maria had the neatest and most precise writing of the word reindeer. Bianca and Mark are set to be stars of the Christmas show, saying their lines wit

Bear stayed up for Christmas

The rain will never stop us from enjoying ourselves at the farm school; today's edition featured all sorts of christmas preparations! Class 1's festivities were in full swing - they made Christmas tree stained glass cookies, with melted boiled sweet Christmas tree middles. That sounds very interesting! Bernat and Ori showed their skills during the baking today! Afterwards, fitting our intro- to-Christmas week, the class decorated pine cones with glitter. Fabulously festive! Everyone loved learning the English colours of blue, red and yellow; the teacher shared that Carla listened intently and repeated the colours. Well done Carla! And just before heading home, Everyone read the book "Be

Planting spinach

Everyone is getting festive this week in the run up to Christmas! In Class one everyone's English has made an amazing improvement. Today they planted spinach and Biel, Olivia, Jan and Noa were fantastic at asking if they could "plant one spinach please". Alex is our resident Dr. Dolitte who is amazing at feeding the chickens. Hugo and Joan bring energy to the entire class. Everyone made pine-cone ornaments and Noah and his mum made the wining pine cone! In class two we welcomed two lovely new girls Aran and Gina! They both made a huge effort to work hard in the class. Today they are learning all about Santas Reindeers, or Caribou as they are called in North America! Banu, Emma and Janna we

Nature bracelets

We had a lovely day with our Saturday squad at Casa Nostra... Today class 1 involved a lot of glitter, dancing and reading. 3 wonderful things, if you ask me! The littluns also created their own leaf bunting, which makes beautiful decoration for the classroom; Sophia and Lluc were especially artistic during this activity. Arnau was also very impressive today, his English more astounding each week, and not to mention his singing! Sharing with us the lyrics to "Jingle bells", he's sure to be a fluent christmas vocalist by December. As the class roamed the garden, Lila loved seeing the different colour grape leaves, they are so pretty! And little Toni plucked himelf an even prettier red rose!

Glittering Pine Cones

Leaves are red and leaves are gold, lots of leaves now that it's cold! Wrap up warm and hold on tight, it gets colder throughout the night! Autumn is here at Casa Nostra and we're excited to share it with our friends. Class 1 used all their concentrating skills to make truly awesome leaf bunting. Alex's bunting was beautiful and full of autumn colours, which he knew all the English names to. Xtenia loved glittering her leaves and Marc and Nicasi painted as many leaves as they could black, confusing the teacher. Class 2 used Autumn nature they found on the farm to make decorations. Teo and Quim were kings of the autumn mobiles. Glittering their pine cones and finding the sturdiest sticks

Otis the Owl

The wintery sunlight hours doesn't stop us from exploring around Casa Nostra farm... Firstly, Glitter glitter and more glitter! Class 1 made leaf bunting as this weeks autumnal theme is leaves. Bernat concentrated really hard on colouring in and Carla made the most colourful bunting in the class. Well done little artists! Oriol's English is making obvious improvements and he's even started to share his tuneful vocals... in English! Pau was a ball of Autumn energy today which he channelled into making the best chocolate dough balls of them all. In class 2, Marc made an impressive attempt to work through the passage about 'Otis the Owl' and did well in pronouncing the vowels within wo

Leaf bunting

On the eve of the majestic super moon everyone arrived on the farm ready for some good ole foliage fun! Class one were inspired by the falling leaves and made leaf bunting. Noa really impressed Antonia with her counting and using the word "more". Aran and Gina are teachers helpers and are always mature and engaged. The class is clearly improving their English every week. Hugo concentrated amazingly and Joan made incredible bunting. The "Best Bunting Award" goes to Noah and his mum. Class two scavenged around the farm grounds for some materials to create nature bracelets! They found leaves, flowers and twigs. All the girls did a wonderful job and made them look so pretty! Everyone in clas

Collecting Celery

Saturday is always the fun day, we have all enjoyed a lot. In class 1 they made a collage with autumn theme and they decorated a huge leaf from the Granja and everybody enjoyed it very much. Ian like always was good at coloring in. Sofia and Lila are really good friends and they do everything together, today were both really good at backing. Lluc was good at reading books and Arnau was really nice with animals. Class 2 also had a collage with autumn theme using leaves from the Granja, they used stamps with autumn colors and they all have had fun. Marc was really good at asking more water in the garden. And Berta finished all her worksheets. Class 3 played scavenger hunt and we could see them

Autumn foliage

We've been wrapping up warm this week at Casa Nostra. Everyone has been raving about amazing autumn. Learning the different colours of the trees, and chatting about the changing season. Class 1 were helping the goats keep warm, feeding the goats as much stew as they could and getting up close and personal with blanket the sheep. Xenia and Nicasi were very respectful and brace with the animals. Teacher Antonia asked the class to collect as many different colour leaves as possible for our autumn collage and Luca, Mark, Gael, Alex and Quim worked together to create the worlds largest leaf pile (maybe). Class 2 were learning all about leaves. Creating their own spectacular autumn foliage co

Scavenger hunting mission

Even though the days are shorter and evenings are getting colder and darker, today it didn't feel so at Casa Nostra! We welcomed the children for another fun filled afternoon which started by visiting the goats and sheeps, feeding them and admiring their soft fur. Later Egle's group went to the class where they all were presented with a scavenger hunting mission. Children divided themselves into 3 groups and without further ado commenced the adventure around the farm. All 3 groups took it very seriously and it was a true competition! Everyone done super well but the girls group triumphed with a whopping 16 items on the checklist. Wow, the teacher was beyond impressed! Unfortunately the hunt

Autumn word collage

We welcomed our Casa Nostra pupils back on Granja Escola with a chill in the air! Autumn is definitely in full swing here in Mataró! Class 1 wore their comfiest coats to celebrate autumn. They gathered the falling leaves to make a massive class autumn word collage. Jan and Noa were fantastic at colouring in the word autumn in very autumnal colours. Alex was amazing with the chickens and Joan and Adam loved stroking the goats. Class newbie Noah got really involved and impressed the teacher on his first day. Class 2 were learning to say and write important vocabulary words like Autumn and Leaves! Jana showed off her excellent writing skills, whilst Emma and Aran showed off their clear speaki

Exploring outdoors

It's been a lovely day of autumnal exploring and birthday celebrations at Casa Nostra! Class one walked every corner of the garden; identifying all the nature around. Arnau was spot on as they all matched the words of flowers, grass, leafs etc... with the real thing in the classroom beforehand! Everyone enjoyed having a good whiff of the flowers that the teacher brought, and shouted the word when they recognised them in the ground! Good job guys! Ian so neatly followed the dots to form the words that they learnt during their garden forage, an incredibly steady hand Ian! In class 2 they also spent some time rummaging through the garden this morning! Aneu was most successful during the


Today at farm school it was feeling very autumnal! The nights are getting darker, earlier which means all classes spent the first hour of the day running around outside in the garden, picking and planting English greens, getting rides off Perla our donkey and going into the chicken coop hunting for eggs! Sweet pizza dough was on the menu today in the baking class! Class 3 did a great job of making their dough into fabulous plaits! In class one Maria was very good at matching the labelled drawing of various nature with the real things! For example, pine cones, leaves and flowers. The class were all engaged and enjoyed feeling the different textures. Valentina was super focused during every a

English green

Halloween might be over but the fun never ends here at the farm of Casa Nostra. Teachers Egle and Gabriele were so happy to welcome all the children back to the farm school and share the stories about the spooky Halloween night's fun and frolics. Egle's class was still in such a festive mood that they decided to start preparing for the upcoming biggest celebration of the year and made a start on writing the script for their Christmas play. They all worked so well deciding who is going to play which part and the teacher was were happy with the result. In the kitchen, they made most elaborated creations with the sweet pizza recipe. It was almost a competition of who makes the most original o

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