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We pride ourselves on the academic ability of our students and the way in which they face challenges with entusiasm. We preffer holistic, structured, teacher-lead exploration. We strive to achieve a careful balance between teacher directed tasks, which allow the students to explore their surroundings and learn about things in a exploratory and meaningful way, and child initiated learning.

Children have boundless potential, and through providing children with an engaging, caring, safe and positive academic environment, we can help the students learn, develop and have fun in these crucial early stages of life.

Upper Primary showing their musical skil
Wednesdays we swim! 🏊‍♀️ the children h


Triple accreditation:

British, Cambridge and Spanish certification


  • Vegetable garden

  • Homemade meals for the students

  • Monthly trips to museums and cultural trips

  • School bus

  • Workexperiences for secondary students.


  • Small Class size 

  • A teacher and a teacher assistant per class

  • Reinforcement teachers 


  • Core subjects and extracurricular lessons during school time:

Piano, violin, robotics, chess, chinese, swimming lessons.

  • Workshops 

  • Weekly projects

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Small Class Size

At International Rural School we understand  the need for a high standard of education for children at the most important stage of their lives. We go above and beyond the standards with our small class sizes and high teacher to student ratio. This means your child has more opportunity to express themselves and receive more individual attention from teachers

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