End of the academic year

EARLY YEARS This week we have been learning about firefighters, what they do and how they can help us. We made firefighter hats and fire stations and role played scenarios. We also enjoyed playing with a small world fire station with fire trucks. We loved making desserts in Cooking which consisted of a layer of mousse followed by strawberry jelly - yum! PRIMARY Primary have been busy finishing work this week. In Mathematics, we have been working on our estimations in regards to measurement, with students estimating the number of steps it takes to walk around the block, before counting for themselves and converting their information to centimeters, meters and kilometers. In science, we finis

People who help us

EARLY YEARS This week we made milk from oats in Cooking. Then we used the leftover oats to make banana muffins - yum! In PE we have been working on throwing, catching, kicking and dribbling a ball. Our new topic is ‘People Who Help Us’. We are learning about different people in our community and what they do. We are starting with the police officers. PRIMARY In Literacy we wrote our diaries and began filing to create a folder for all our work. It was great to see how much progress we have made over the course of the year. In Topic this week we looked again at boats and ships and did some sketching and artwork related to boats from different periods. We have had lots of rehearsals this week f

Hungry Caterpillar Project Presentation

EARLY YEARS This week we have been perfecting our performance of The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. We have a narrator, who is doing a very good job at retelling the story in his own words. We also have ‘days of the week’ who give their corresponding meals to the caterpillar. And, of course, we have a caterpillar! He is very hungry and munches food each day until he gets quite big. He then makes a cocoon and the next day, out comes a butterfly! We also have a student who will be the ‘butterfly’ and then everyone else will join to be butterfly friends with her. We hope it goes well. PRIMARY This week in the Primary classes have been busy finishing off work, preparing for project prese

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