Transport, water cycle and food chain

EARLY YEARS We have been learning about trains as part of our topic on Transport. We made a ticket machine and roleplayed being the ticket inspector issuing each other tickets. Then we made some binoculars to go on our trainspotting journey. We went to the train station and enjoyed watching the trains pass by. We made chocolate brownies in Cooking class - yum! We enjoyed the park in the sunshine in Thursday and also worked on more movement skills, such as forward rolls and jumping for height. PRIMARY In Primary this week, Year 3 and 4 have been having a go at the Cambridge Literacy and Numeracy exams. Both classes have done some artwork with their textured washes from previous weeks to make

Aeroplanes, molecules and coordinates

EARLY YEARS This week we have been learning about aeroplanes in Topic Time. We did a roleplay where we sat in rows of chairs, buckled our seatbelts and took a trip to ‘England’. Diego and Vincent did very well flying the aeroplane as the ‘pilots’ and everyone enjoyed the flight. We then made model aeroplanes which we decorated using patterns that we like from our mindfulness colouring activity pages. We have been learning about healthy teeth and the children are now following a routine of brushing their teeth after lunch. We did a sequencing activity of the different steps we need to take when doing this. The children are progressing well in Yoga and we are monitoring their physical movement

Sewer System and Turtles

EARLY YEARS This week started with a trip to the Natural Life Sciences. We had the chance to see some different insects in their habitats and then the activities focused on turtles. We learned about the differences between land tortoises and sea and river turtles. We found out what they eat, where they live and how they lay their eggs. We went looking for some turtle eggs in the beautiful gardens and watched the turtles swimming in the pond. The children also enjoyed playing at the big park in Granollers. What a great day! Back at school we recreated the turtle egg hunting and even dug holes in the garden to bury them like the female turtles do. We even made little turtle snacks in Cooking c

Worker's day

EARLY YEARS We have started our first week of our new topic about Transport. We are exploring forms of travel by road, such as cars and lorries. The children have helped to create a big Topic board which displays a background including the sky, mountains, a road and the sea. Each week we will learn about a different way to travel and we will reveal them on this board too by using different creative methods. We also continued with our Cambridge Learners and Letters and Sounds books. PRIMARY With the 1st of May this week, students have been ensuring their studies continue as best as possible. In mathematics, we have been focusing on two areas of study. Firstly, students have been continuing t

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