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Bear stayed up for Christmas

The rain will never stop us from enjoying ourselves at the farm school; today's edition featured all sorts of christmas preparations! Class 1's festivities were in full swing - they made Christmas tree stained glass cookies, with melted boiled sweet Christmas tree middles. That sounds very interesting! Bernat and Ori showed their skills during the baking today! Afterwards, fitting our intro- to-Christmas week, the class decorated pine cones with glitter. Fabulously festive! Everyone loved learning the English colours of blue, red and yellow; the teacher shared that Carla listened intently and repeated the colours. Well done Carla! And just before heading home, Everyone read the book "Bear stayed up for Christmas"... In class 3, everyone began learning the lyrics to "Merry Christmas Everyone"... and despite the speedy tempo, the whole class gave a good shot at keeping up! After this, the team had a giggle at some classic English jokes, and then chose their own to write: it's one thing speaking English, but crackin' jokes too! Paula did this activity well, and finished her joke-writing with enough time to decorate with seasonal snowmen! Next up, the class made colourful paper hats that'll be wearing during their christmas production, Emma worked neatly and got hers finished first! Good work!

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