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Cinnamon and oats cake

In class 1 today, the seasonal stuff moves forward, and with that comes some crucial language.... learning how to say "Merry Christmas!!! They've nailed it. Well done team. Next up, their each made their own Christmas cards; Pau in particular took lots of care and attention on his card, drawing his own reindeer. He seemed to really be getting into character; insisting everyone call him Father Christmas!! Carla drew a beautiful snowflake on her card and, in the kitchen, Bernat made the most chocolatey cookie. Yum yum yum. Today, Our class 2 teacher ,Jo ,had the pleasure of introducing the farm school to a whole new class of students! They started off baking, where they learnt them how to make sweet pizza dough. They were all professional pizza makers! Nice round pizza shapes and a nice sprinkle of sugar for good measure! Good job all of you! Then, the team were all introduced to Perla (our chief donkey)... she kindly gave every one of them a little ride around the pen; lured by food of course! After that they all headed to the garden to see all the vegetables we are growing on the farm, and were lucky to pluck themselves a lettuce to take home to their families! At the end of the day they all constructed their own reindeer head pieces, as the festive period is just around the corner! All in all, it was a lovely experience with our new visiters; thanks for coming to see us! In the oldest group, everyone rehearsed their song all about classic christmas day antics and, impressively, they managed to sing without the teacher for the first time! We're excited to hear your tuneful voices at the show! They also worked together as they baked a huge cinnamon and oats cake; showing off their measuring skills and pronouncing the number quantities just right! Darek was a great assistant chef for the teacher; and equally helped as he happily spooned the mix into the tray. At the end of the class, the teacher introduced a 'New words' sheet, and the children spent some time thinking and then writing any new English words they've learnt during the class. Both Paula and Lucia worked independently very well, and made sure they really understood definitions before writing them. Very good work children!

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