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Leaf artists

Pine cones and glitter and chickens and kings, these are a few of our favourite things! At Casa Nostra we're embracing the winter chill but that hasn't kept us from the garden. Class 1 collected leaves to do amazing leaf rubbings. Nicasi, Alex and Gael made the best leaf artists. Using a host of different colours for the leaves. Marc loved planting the spinach and Xenia always listens attentively to the class book. Luca bought his dinosaur into class and we took photos of it around the garden. Jo's class learnt all about Santas Reindeers. Maria had the neatest and most precise writing of the word reindeer. Bianca and Mark are set to be stars of the Christmas show, saying their lines with aplomb. Mar, Teo and Quim created the most colourful reindeers that Santa would be proud of. Class 3 were rehearsing their dramatic Christmas performance. Everyone, particularly the girls, sang the christmas song really well; proving that they don't need a backing track, they've got all the rhythm and melodies they need.Aliex finished his christmas hat before anyone, and made it super neat. Aran read his lines as part of our christmas script with great English pronounciation. Our baking session produced some pretty unique biscuits today, all sorts of shapes and decorations were going on....Marc sculpted a 3-tier creation and alejandro a chocolate coated car.

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