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Planting spinach

Everyone is getting festive this week in the run up to Christmas! In Class one everyone's English has made an amazing improvement. Today they planted spinach and Biel, Olivia, Jan and Noa were fantastic at asking if they could "plant one spinach please". Alex is our resident Dr. Dolitte who is amazing at feeding the chickens. Hugo and Joan bring energy to the entire class. Everyone made pine-cone ornaments and Noah and his mum made the wining pine cone! In class two we welcomed two lovely new girls Aran and Gina! They both made a huge effort to work hard in the class. Today they are learning all about Santas Reindeers, or Caribou as they are called in North America! Banu, Emma and Janna were brilliant at pronouncing reindeer in English! They then learnt all the names of Santas Reindeers and wrote them down. Janna, Aran and Paula had the neatest writing! We all sang and danced to a new song ready for the Christmas performance. They all did fantastic for their first try! Well done! Class three took their first step into Christmas festivities too! Everybody tried really hard to work through the writing, and listened intently to teacher Gabrielle while she was explaining what a 'Christmas Cracker' is. They also learnt that inside there is always a funny hat and a joke; so that's what they created! Carta was starting to make sense and understand some of our classic English Christmas jokes, and then neatly copied one to put inside her cracker for next week. They also made brightly coloured paper crowns, which Pau did very carefully. And lastly, everyone had a good listen and first sing-along to our christmas song (Merry Christmas everyone)! The kitchen was busy with little bakers today making delicious shortbread and cheesy dough sticks, they couldn't wait until home time to stuff them in their little faces! Yummy!

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