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Christmas cards

As the evenings get colder and the nights grow darker, we are still in high spirits here as Casa Nostra! We are now in full Christmas mode as we prepare for our little Christmas song performance! Today class one made Christmas cards and twinkle twinkle little star biscuits. Jan and Noa are incredible, knowing all the colours in garden and always saying please and thank you. Biel and Noah made beautiful Christmas tree Christmas cards. Alex was amazing at cooking today and Julia picked an amazing cauliflower for her brother. In class two all the girls did brilliantly at learning new words such as cauliflower which they'd picked from the garden and learning how to say and write 'reindeer' to keep with our festive themed week! We all practiced our Christmas dance, Emma and Aran were amazing at the dance routine and picked it up straight away! Let's hope they don't get stage fright on the night! It was an all boys lesson today in class three. And as boys are, they were all full of energy to charge around the farm in army fashion! The boys did well interpreting the lyrics of their Christmas song and had a good practice... they kept a steady rythym on the table! Pau mixed our flapjack mix well and happily spooned it onto the baking tray Hugo caught up fast by writing his joke (which he missed last week) just in time to slot into his cracker, and great handwriting, too! Jan carried a ridiculous amount of hay on his motor, looking convincingly like a farmer and making the sheep and goats very happy! So wrap up warm everyone and we will see you next week! :)

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