Yummy brownies

This afternoon, at farm school, we all began by filling the watering cans, the older children then went to the kitchen to begin their cooking. They made a healthy treat with beetroot and chocolate brownies. Everyone helped measure and prepare the ingredients for the brownies, as well as tidy up towards the end of the baking. Their theme for today was to talk about different activities. The younger children followed the theme of space today. They began their time in the garden. They watered the fruits and vegetables and collected a row of potatoes to fill up two large crates. Everyone helped to dig deep to find the hidden potatoes. Then they went to collect the eggs as well as going for donke

Snail Hunt

This grey drizzly morning at farm school, the younger children first of all went to the garden to plant some tomatoes and they picked the best artichokes. They made sure the garden was watered before they left. Then they went to see the animals. Mae, Aneu and Txell had a chance to go for a donkey ride on Perla. Then the group fed the goats and the sheep. Jan and Luca had a snail hunt. They looked for snails around the fruit trees near the brand new classroom. Asier was very good at finding the snails. The children in the older group went to the kitchen to begin making the fruit and custard tarts. They helped this time to make the custard. Gina had a go at separating the yolk from the egg whi

Turtle is back

Goodness! What a big surprise we got today, when a turtle turned up. Alejandro was the first to spot it near the trees. We carefully put the turtle in its own box and gave it some lettuce leaves to eat and water to drink. Once we knew the turtle was safe and happy, the older children began their cooking activity. Alejandro and Marc poured in the flour and Aleix measured the spoons of water to go into the mixture. They all made their pastry and kneaded it and put it in the cases to cook. Then the older children went to the garden. Meanwhile, the younger group of children began their time in the garden. They expertly planted some courgettes and melons, Neil was excellent at planting some of th


The older children were very excited today because today they got the chance to sing their favourite songs with the new karaoke machine, in the new classroom. Two brand new big surprises. The older children began with their cooking activity. They found out that they were going to cook some fruit and custard tarts. They all began by making their pastry. All the children measured and put in the ingredients Claudia poured enough sugar into the mixer. Cata measured the flour too. After that they watched carefully how to make their pastry flat enough to go into the tins. While the older children cooked, the younger group began their time by watering the peppers and looked at the new peppers that

Collecting snails

We had a sunny bright school day today. We all began in the vegetable garden and collected snails to add to Luca and Jan’s snail collection. We went where the fruit trees are. We also checked on the peaches that are growing very well. As soon as all the older children arrived at the farm school, they immediately went to feed Perla and Valentine. The children loved cleaning Perla and Valentine with water from the hose to help make the donkeys cleaner and cooler in the hot sun. Afterwards, the children brushed the donkey’s coats. Meanwhile, the younger children stayed at the vegetables and picked out the potatoes that were buried in the soil. They collected all their potatoes into the big gree

Lucky Bamboo

Today the sun was shining on the beautiful gardens of the farm school. The younger group of children began their activities by watering the vegetables and picked some delicious strawberries. They also checked the peach trees which are in a wonderful growing stage and soon will be perfectly ripe. They made their way to the animals, Maria and Jan went into the chicken coop and collected the eggs while the others fed them. They also picked some leaves and gave a special snack to Blanket and Floquet. They continued the rest of the activities in the school room, we read the story "Lucky Bamboo" and everyone agreed that we should always care for the plants and keep the gardens tidy from bad weeds

Pizza day

At the start of farm school, today, some children, from both groups, were gathering some delicious red strawberries to eat. All the younger children watered the vegetables and fruit and collected the last of one row of potatoes. There were enough potatoes to fill up the green wagon. Banu collected one of the biggest artichokes. Elsewhere on the farm, the older children went to look after the animals. Jan did a tremendous job with feeding the chickens a little bit of food. He also collected sixteen eggs altogether. Both groups then swapped around. The younger children had a go at letting a chicken feed from her hand. She was very brave to do this. The older children went to the garden and pic


Today at farm school the group of the little ones began the day by harvesting potatoes and they filled a huge barrow with beautiful golden potatoes. The older group went to feed the animals and chickens. Alex, Judit and Txell got to ride Perla. And after they decided to give a refreshing bath to Valentin and the ponies. Valentin enjoyed being taken care of and have his fur brushed by Alex and Siobhan. While the older group fed the goats and sheep the little ones continued with their activities of singing and dancing to Disney songs. After breakfast the little group continued to feed the animals with the cabbages they picked from the garden and cooked some delicious chocolate pancakes. The gr

Scavenger hunt

We had beautiful day at farm school today. The older children collected as many eggs as they could and they filled a whole basketful. Txell and Aneu had turns riding on Perla together, while some of the group experienced picking up the chicken for the first time. After they had their breakfast, they went to the vegetable garden to water the crops and they did a brilliant job at collecting a lot of potatoes that were buried deep in the soil. It was fun to discover a new hidden potato every time. They walked back to the house with their treasure. The older group then split up to make friendship bracelets and scratch rainbow pictures. The rainbow pictures turned out very pretty and the bracelet

Chocolate pancakes

Spring is in full swing at the farm school! Today's weather was full of both sunshine and showers. Our older group began their afternoon with the animals and helped feed the chickens and the goats. When they finished, they played "the world" card game together. After their game, the older group baked vanilla sugar cookies. While the cookies baked, the older students danced and sang to karaoke together before it was time to go home. Today's word of the day was "teamwork" for the young ones! Our team of young learned started together in the garden where they helped each other water the plants and planted a few watermelons! Nil was especially helpful to the others with both filling up cans and

Warm indoors

It was when the older children began to collect some weeds for Perla today that it started to pour down lots of rain, so we ran into the warm indoors. The older children went to their activity room to play the card game which had facts about the different countries in the world. They played to see who could win the most and then they decided to play as two teams. Ponaa’s team won the game 2: 1. In the meantime, the younger children were excited to learn that they were making moving snail cards which had a spring greeting. Banu, Gina and Aran especially enjoyed making their cards. The younger children then read a story which had a jungle animal theme. As soon as the rain cleared, the older ch

One fish, two fish

Today the older group of children began the day by playing with the baby chicks and by feeding Perla and Valentin. They got to ride Perla one by one and she behaved very good and everyone was impressed. Then we went to visit the sheep and goats. We managed to take Floquet and put him in the smaller pen so we could play with him without being disturbed by the sheep and Blanket. We carefully fed the goats while Siobhan grabbed Floquet. After the goats we went to the vegetable garden to plant some more melons. Alex did a great job by carefully planting the fragile melon shoots. The group of younger children began by watering the vegetables and they also planted melons. They continued by visitin

Planting watermelons

We had a lovely Thursday farm school for the older children. We were excited to learn that we were planting watermelons today. We first started off with feeding the chickens and we went to spy on the new chicks. They were hungry so we fed them. Aleix carefully removed each chick from the box and put them in the feeding tray. Gillem gave the chicks some water to drink. Then we spent some time with the sheep and goats. Before we got there we took turns pulling each other along in the green trolley. Floquet did not want to be picked up today but we made sure he had plenty to eat. Over to the vegetable garden we went and we planted the water melons. Aleix dug the holes in the ground with the di

Planting tomatoes

Our young ones started in the garden this afternoon! Together we picked strawberries, harvested artichokes, planted tomatoes, and watered the plants. After the garden we went to see the animals. We spent time collecting eggs and walking with the ponies which was so much fun! After animal time we washed our hands and went to the kitchen to bake chocolate cookies. While we waited for the cookies to bake, we read One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss, and then make our own fishes with our hands, glue, and paper! What a beautiful sunny day we had at the farm today. We started by feeding the animals, Perla greeted us happily and Valentin was jumping in his pen. We didn't ride Perla to

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