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Lucky Bamboo

Today the sun was shining on the beautiful gardens of the farm school. The younger group of children began their activities by watering the vegetables and picked some delicious strawberries. They also checked the peach trees which are in a wonderful growing stage and soon will be perfectly ripe. They made their way to the animals, Maria and Jan went into the chicken coop and collected the eggs while the others fed them. They also picked some leaves and gave a special snack to Blanket and Floquet. They continued the rest of the activities in the school room, we read the story "Lucky Bamboo" and everyone agreed that we should always care for the plants and keep the gardens tidy from bad weeds just like Little Panda did in the story. After the story everyone chose their favorite fruit and vegetable and cut them out and learned about the difference between them. The younger group finished their day by making some delicious vanilla cupcakes.

The older group started at the animals, Aina and Aleix got to ride Perla and the others fed the chickens and Valentin. Alejandro fed Perla and collected some of the eggs. Marc and Aina went to say hello to Blanket and surprisingly these days Blanket has been more friendly than ever. They continued their day of activities by making mini pizzas and while the pizzas were in the oven they went in the school room and created their own polaroids which turned out beautifully. The day ended too soon and everyone enjoyed eating their pizzas and cupcakes.

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