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Yummy brownies

This afternoon, at farm school, we all began by filling the watering cans, the older children then went to the kitchen to begin their cooking. They made a healthy treat with beetroot and chocolate brownies. Everyone helped measure and prepare the ingredients for the brownies, as well as tidy up towards the end of the baking. Their theme for today was to talk about different activities.

The younger children followed the theme of space today. They began their time in the garden. They watered the fruits and vegetables and collected a row of potatoes to fill up two large crates. Everyone helped to dig deep to find the hidden potatoes. Then they went to collect the eggs as well as going for donkey rides on Perla.

Once baking was over, the older children went to the garden to pull up a row of potatoes. Jan collected the largest potatoes. Everyone helped out with pushing and pulling the large trolley of potatoes up the small hill to the outdoors kitchen. Then they went to see the animals. Jan showed that he could pick up a chicken and fed the chicken from his hand. Everyone had a donkey ride from Perla.

After they went to the animals, the younger children went to the kitchen to make their moon and star bread. Then afterwards, they went to the activity room to make their beautiful and colourful space mobiles.

The older children went to their activity room to talk about activities that they have as hobbies and pastimes. We first of all tried to spot different activities through carefully reading the words and checking. Then we played a game of bingo to match the activities to our individual cards. Claudia and Jan drew in the game. Blanca was good at identifying the words and pronouncing them. We all did some singing too!! Towards the very end, we all went to the kitchen to collect our delicious space shaped bread and yummy brownies.

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