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The older children were very excited today because today they got the chance to sing their favourite songs with the new karaoke machine, in the new classroom. Two brand new big surprises.

The older children began with their cooking activity. They found out that they were going to cook some fruit and custard tarts. They all began by making their pastry. All the children measured and put in the ingredients Claudia poured enough sugar into the mixer. Cata measured the flour too. After that they watched carefully how to make their pastry flat enough to go into the tins.

While the older children cooked, the younger group began their time by watering the peppers and looked at the new peppers that are starting to grow, then they planted a row of aubergines. They then went to feed the animals. Gina and Aran had the chance to ride on Perla.

After they did their cooking, the older children went first to the garden to plant the new row of lettuce. They then picked the ripe strawberries. They had the chance to check the new tomatoes and peppers that are growing too. Once they did that they went to decorate their tarts by putting enough custard and fruit on them. They used the same strawberries that they collected earlier, to decorate. The older children took their turn to see the animals. Blanca and Claudia, calmly fed hay to Blanket.

Now it was the turn of the younger children to cook, they were making delicious crepes today with chocolate spread. Everyone enjoyed them. Once everyone finished eating a crepe, the younger children went to the activity room to make their wonderfully colourful eye masks.

The older children then went to the brand new classroom to sing some of ‘frozen’ songs. There was some great singing from Joanna. After that they went to the schoolroom to play a short game of bingo about hobbies and pastimes. Very soon, it was time for the older children to gather their tasty custard tarts for home time.

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