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Turtle is back

Goodness! What a big surprise we got today, when a turtle turned up. Alejandro was the first to spot it near the trees. We carefully put the turtle in its own box and gave it some lettuce leaves to eat and water to drink.

Once we knew the turtle was safe and happy, the older children began their cooking activity. Alejandro and Marc poured in the flour and Aleix measured the spoons of water to go into the mixture. They all made their pastry and kneaded it and put it in the cases to cook. Then the older children went to the garden.

Meanwhile, the younger group of children began their time in the garden. They expertly planted some courgettes and melons, Neil was excellent at planting some of these. Then they watered the new shoots. Adrian was great at watering the garden on his own without help. Everyone helped to pick out some potatoes from under the soil to put them in the trolley. Then the group set out to see the animals. They gathered all the eggs from the chickens. Alex, Maria and Jan had a donkey ride on Perla. Lastly, the group went to see the goats to feed them.

For their turn in the garden, the older group of children went first to pick out some potatoes and then they went to plant the new lettuce. Aina and Marc did very well at this. Everyone worked as a team to pull the big trolley of potatoes up the path to the kitchen. It was a bit of hard work because they had to travel up the hill. They then took out the pastry from the oven and decorated them with custard and fruit. After that, the children went to see Perla and had a chance to have donkey rides too.

The younger group of children went to the activity room to listen to the story ‘Lucky Bamboo.’ Then they made some muffins. While the muffins were cooking the group made their eye-catching captain America and Batman masks.

After the older children fed the goats their food. They went to sing karaoke in the new classroom. They sang two songs together, ‘Let it go ‘and ‘Do you want to build a snowman?’. By the time they finished singing, the group realised that it was home time so off they went to get their pretty custard and fruit tarts while the younger children also got ready and took their freshly cooked muffins too.

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