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Snail Hunt

This grey drizzly morning at farm school, the younger children first of all went to the garden to plant some tomatoes and they picked the best artichokes. They made sure the garden was watered before they left. Then they went to see the animals. Mae, Aneu and Txell had a chance to go for a donkey ride on Perla. Then the group fed the goats and the sheep. Jan and Luca had a snail hunt. They looked for snails around the fruit trees near the brand new classroom. Asier was very good at finding the snails.

The children in the older group went to the kitchen to begin making the fruit and custard tarts. They helped this time to make the custard. Gina had a go at separating the yolk from the egg white. It’s quite tricky to do. After they made the custard and left it to set, the group made their pastry to cook in the oven. Once, they pastry was in the oven the group went to have their breakfast.

Then after breakfast the younger group made some muffins and after that the group created some superb super hero masks. Meanwhile the older group of children went to the garden to plant the last of the tomatoes and they played a game to see if they could spot the biggest of the tomatoes and the biggest of the peppers that are growing. They went to see the animals and luckily they found two more eggs that were left behind from the younger group.

After seeing the animals, the children in the older group went to the new classroom to have a go at singing karaoke with the ‘frozen’ songs. Arnau, Gina and David were very good at singing the songs. It was tricky keeping up but they managed very well. Once they sang three songs they went to the kitchen to add the custard and their fruit to their pastry before they cooked it again.

Finally, they went to the activity room to play a game of bingo with the pastimes and hobbies game. Everyone had to take turns at collecting the activities that matched with their cards. Their gurgling stomachs told the children from both groups that it was time to go to get the custard tarts and the muffins and prepare for home time.

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