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Collecting snails

We had a sunny bright school day today. We all began in the vegetable garden and collected snails to add to Luca and Jan’s snail collection. We went where the fruit trees are. We also checked on the peaches that are growing very well.

As soon as all the older children arrived at the farm school, they immediately went to feed Perla and Valentine. The children loved cleaning Perla and Valentine with water from the hose to help make the donkeys cleaner and cooler in the hot sun. Afterwards, the children brushed the donkey’s coats. Meanwhile, the younger children stayed at the vegetables and picked out the potatoes that were buried in the soil. They collected all their potatoes into the big green trolley. The older children learned that very soon the sheep will have their coats trimmed so that they will also feel cooler in the hot summer months. The younger children did a good job in egg collecting. It was their turn to get the eggs and they found so many. When the older children went back to the vegetable garden they did some watering and they used their sharp eyes to look for any potatoes that the younger children left behind. They did find a basketful of hidden potatoes.

The older children started out with a writing activity, where they wrote a message for their family. They thought of a lovely message to write and wrote it in English nicely on the paper and they framed it like a photograph. The younger children made their fruit and vegetable posters too. They each chose a vegetable or a fruit and drew these and labelled them too.

The children made some delicious treats to eat. The older children helped Siobhan to add ingredients to the mixer. Gina practised some of her counting in English. We had to pour in 12 spoons of oil. The older group are being very responsible and considerate they helped to tidy up the kitchen after they did their cooking especially David. The kitchen counter was sparkly clean. The younger made some delicious cake to take home with them.

When the pizzas had finally cooked and cooled a little, the children enjoyed eating them and relaxing a little in the warm sun.

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