Chinese new year

Today we learnt about the Chinese new year. This year it’s the year of the monkey! It is soon going to be celebrated in Barcelona with a parade. We began the day by watering the vegetables and fruit and planting the strawberries, Mae is getting very fast at planting strawberries. We planted another new row of lettuce, Maria and Gina worked as a team to plant these gently in the soil. We spotted three artichokes growing. Before we left Jan helped to collect a cabbage it needed all his strength to pull it out of the ground and David helped pull up a cabbage too. We also collected some celery. Luca and Sergi helped make holes in the garden to get them ready for growing more fruit. We went to f

Baby broadbeans

We began our day by watering all the fruits and vegetables. We saw some broad beans growing and they’ll soon be ready to harvest! We also planted some potatoes, the children are becoming really good farmers now! Maria and Alex were really good! Marc, Aleix, Guillem and Judit all used the watering hose to water the garlic, radish, beans and artichokes. The children then pulled all the weeds near the radish, which we then gave to the animals. Perla has been very busy today, she has given lots of donkey rides! Maria and Aina went on together and had lots of fun. Aleix rode Perla for the first time with no hands, he was fantastic! Judit and Julia brushed Violetta to make her nice and soft. Theo

Hypnotic snake creations

A new week has started at Granja Escola and we have been having some new fun, planting new vegetables and singing some new songs. It’s been a very eventful day! As it’s been a few days since the last visit, we needed to make sure everything was watered and healthy. We did this using the hoses and watering cans. Joanne did a great job watering as much as possible and Jordi watered all the artichokes with the hose. We also planted some new strawberries, everyone is very excited about these as they are some of our favourite treats! We all noticed that there are already some tiny green strawberries ready to grow. After all our hard work we picked some peas to eat as a treat on the go. This eveni

Shortbread biscuits

In today’s farm school, we planted some lettuce and picked some more radish. We carefully picked some peas, making sure that we pulled the pea pods away gently and choosing the biggest pods to eat. Maria and David checked the broad bean plants and we found some new bean pods secretly growing away. Hopefully, over this and the next week there should be a lot more growing and they’ll be ready to pick soon. When we fed the animals, we noticed that Viletta’s stomach was showing some small movements. We think this could be her baby kicking. We think that she might have a foal soon. Aneu chased and caught the biggest chicken. After seeing the animals, we went to the kitchen to make some shortbread

Delicious Scones

Today we started off by planting some strawberries. Sergi used the dibber to help make some holes in the plastic, so all the other children could place the strawberries in the soil. Also, the children planted the last of the potatoes. Aliex, Maria and Elsa planted them really quickly! We then picked some spinach, Guillem pulled a really big spinach. He had to be very strong and pull very hard. Lastly, the children watered all the vegetables in the vegetable garden. They used the watering cans and the hose pipe. Theo and Guillem had lots of fun, but got a little bit wet. Next, we went and saw all the animals. We gave them the spinach that that we couldn’t eat, they ate it really quickly. Alie

Planting strawberries

A new week at Casa Nostra means new activities, artwork and vegetables, there have been plenty today and everyones done a great job. We planted not one, but two plants today. These were the potato and the lovely strawberry, which everyone has been very excited about and can’t wait to eat. We’re all experts in potato planting now so the group did very well at using them all. The strawberries are new to the group so we had to learn the best way to plant them, using a big sheet of plastic and tools. Cata put so many in the ground and did it really well, we’re very lucky to have such great farmers amongst us! We also watered all the vegetables, Bruna had a go at using the big hose to water the p

Fresh peas

It was a cold frosty farm school day today there was some ice on the ground, we had the chance to plant some onions and more potatoes. We gently picked up and planted a whole row of onions. David, Maria and Gina were getting very fast at planting them. Mai was very helpful in making sure the soil was covering the onions. Everyone picked and tasted the peas, they tasted sweet and delicious. We would have eaten them all because they were so good but we saved some. Then we pulled up the biggest radishes that we could find to bring back to our baskets. Luca found a brilliant big radish. We collected all the leaves and radish stalks together to feed the donkeys and ponies. Maria, David and Aneu

Planting lettuce

Today we started off by planting lettuce, the children carefully placed the lettuce in the holes. Jordi was really quick! The children got a bit muddy as they had to cover the roots ups, by patting the soil. After all the children went and planted the potatoes, they had to make sure that the eye was facing upwards in order for it to grow. Maria and Elsa planted the potatoes really well. Next, we went and collected the radish, there were some really big ones! We took the leaves off of and gave them to the donkeys and ponies. Valintine especially enjoyed them. Sara, Julia and Judit gave Violeta a new hairdo with some lovely long plaits. She looked beautiful! Maria, Judit and Guillem collected

Planting potatoes

Hello everyone, happy new year and good to see you all back at Casa Nostra! Today has been nice and busy, with lots of farming, fun, art, baking and singing. We’ve been so busy that we’ve hardly stopped moving! As it’s been very windy we wanted to make sure all the plants and vegetables were thoroughly watered. This is because the wind dries out the leaves. Sara did a great job of using the hose to do this, whilst Cata, Bruna and lots of others used watering cans. We also planted some new potatoes for growing. We did this by cutting the potatoes into sections and planting them facing up the right way. We filled an entire row today! We also decided that Perla and friends deserved some lovely

Leaves collage

It’s a new Year for the farm school, Happy New Year! We began the morning by doing a lot of work in the vegetable garden. We planted the new crop of potatoes, we had to plant these carefully so that they would grow properly. Maria and Gina were very quick at planting these and making sure they were put in the soil the right way up. We collected the last batch of potatoes to take home for later. It was as exciting as finding treasure when we dug for the potatoes. Luca was very good at finding the places to look for them. Then in the vegetable garden we decided to pick some cauliflower, David and Asier used all their strength to pull them up from the ground. Before we left to feed the animals,


Today was the last day of the winter camp and we had lots of fun. We started the day off by picking some spinach to eat and to give to the animals. We then collected the eggs there were 4 today! Also, the children rode Perla, Judit and Andrea had lots of fun riding her around the paddock. We went to say hello to the sheep and goats and gave them their breakfast. They were really hungry and ate the food really fast! After, the children used clay to create many different animals. Txell and Aneu created a fish and some of the other children created Perla, Valentine, Violeta and Estrella. After we put them in the oven, it was time to paint. The children really enjoyed painting their animals, the

Floating boats

Our day began with picking all the potatoes, we had to dig deep in the soil to find the bigger potatoes and used the tools. Maria and Judith were successful at finding some of the biggest potatoes. We pulled up some tasty spinach. Blanca and Gerard helped gather the food to feed the sheep and goats. Aleix managed to balance on the sheep and ride around on his back. Then we found out that the Three Kings had visited the school because they had left behind a present for all of us. We were delighted to have the chance to open the presents and discover the picture books. It was Julia´s eighth birthday today, so we celebrated with a cake and we sang Happy Birthday to her. The cake was delicious!

Kings day

Welcome back to another fun filled day at Casa Nostra, today has been extra special because it is also Kings Day! That means lots of things to make and activities to do. This morning was the second time we have been planting garlic in two days. This is because of the special position of the moon which indicates the best times to plant. We made lots of holes and gave them plenty of water. Adria and Aleix also remembered the artichokes and watered them all with the hose. After Picking some lovely fresh lettuce for lunch, we also collected some weeds to feed the donkeys and ponies, who had been watching us the whole time waiting for their treat! When we got to the animal area, we were greeted w

Paper planes

Today was a very busy and exciting day! We started the day off by peeling lots of garlic and placing the cloves in the basket! Once the children had peeled all the garlic, it was time to plant them. Txell and Aneu made some holes and then all the other children placed the garlic in the holes. They were ever so quick, especially Gerard! After, we went and collected some potatoes, there were some really big ones. The children used their hands to dig really deep. They found lots and lots of potatoes. We then went and saw the animals. There were lots of eggs todays, Judit counted 21 eggs. She was really good at counting. Then we fed, brushed and stroked the animals. After we saw the animals it w

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