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Hypnotic snake creations

A new week has started at Granja Escola and we have been having some new fun, planting new vegetables and singing some new songs. It’s been a very eventful day!

As it’s been a few days since the last visit, we needed to make sure everything was watered and healthy. We did this using the hoses and watering cans. Joanne did a great job watering as much as possible and Jordi watered all the artichokes with the hose. We also planted some new strawberries, everyone is very excited about these as they are some of our favourite treats! We all noticed that there are already some tiny green strawberries ready to grow. After all our hard work we picked some peas to eat as a treat on the go.

This evening we had a few requests to ride Perla the donkey, so we got the saddle, blanket and reigns ready to safely get on. Perla was very happy to give out a few rides in return for some treats. Esther had a ride, and was very brave as this was her first time at the farm school! Gina and Cata found some lovely eggs and counted five in total, before safely giving them to Maria for the kitchen.