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Baby broadbeans

We began our day by watering all the fruits and vegetables. We saw some broad beans growing and they’ll soon be ready to harvest! We also planted some potatoes, the children are becoming really good farmers now! Maria and Alex were really good! Marc, Aleix, Guillem and Judit all used the watering hose to water the garlic, radish, beans and artichokes. The children then pulled all the weeds near the radish, which we then gave to the animals.

Perla has been very busy today, she has given lots of donkey rides! Maria and Aina went on together and had lots of fun. Aleix rode Perla for the first time with no hands, he was fantastic! Judit and Julia brushed Violetta to make her nice and soft. Theo and Guiellem went and collected the eggs and placed them in the basket. We then went and fed the goats and sheep and some of the children climbed the castle. Marc was really good at climbing the pole, he climbed the way. Maria and Elsa also climbed really fast up the rock wall.

It was then time to make shortbread. Maria helped with the butter, Elsa helped with the sugar and MarIa and Marc helped with the flour. It was then time to mould our shortbread. There were lots of different shapes, there were some circles and rectangles. We then sprinkled sugar on top of the biscuit and then placed them in the oven.

We made lots of different snakes, some we stripy, some were spotty and some were multi-coloured. Aliex’s snake was camouflaged! Once they were cut we placed them above the radiator, so they would spin. Some of the children also ran with them which also made them spin.

To end the evening, we went and collected the shortbread. They were very tasty!


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