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Shortbread biscuits

In today’s farm school, we planted some lettuce and picked some more radish. We carefully picked some peas, making sure that we pulled the pea pods away gently and choosing the biggest pods to eat. Maria and David checked the broad bean plants and we found some new bean pods secretly growing away. Hopefully, over this and the next week there should be a lot more growing and they’ll be ready to pick soon.

When we fed the animals, we noticed that Viletta’s stomach was showing some small movements. We think this could be her baby kicking. We think that she might have a foal soon.

Aneu chased and caught the biggest chicken.

After seeing the animals, we went to the kitchen to make some shortbread biscuits. We rolled and flattened the dough into rectangular shapes and some of us decorated ours with our names such as Jan and Txell. After that, we sprinkled the dough with sugar and they were set to put in the oven.

In the farm school today, we made some spirally snakes, we carefully cut out the snakes and decorated the snakes with a lot of pretty colours and patterns, we liked Mai’s designs and Asier’s. Then lastly, we attached the string to the head of the snake. The biggest fun at the end of making our spiral snakes was in watching the snakes spin very fast over the warm radiator. As soon as we took the snakes away from the radiator the snakes stopped spinning. We learned that the heat can rise and cause the paper to move. We watched to see whose snake was the fastest at spinning round. Gina and Luca must have had the fastest snakes today.

After we tidied up, we sang the songs ‘London’s burning’ and ‘five Little ducks’. We have just started singing these today and still need to practise them but we were quite good.

At the end of singing our last songs we went to collect our crispy, delicious biscuits. Yum yum!


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