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Delicious Scones

Today we started off by planting some strawberries. Sergi used the dibber to help make some holes in the plastic, so all the other children could place the strawberries in the soil. Also, the children planted the last of the potatoes. Aliex, Maria and Elsa planted them really quickly! We then picked some spinach, Guillem pulled a really big spinach. He had to be very strong and pull very hard. Lastly, the children watered all the vegetables in the vegetable garden. They used the watering cans and the hose pipe. Theo and Guillem had lots of fun, but got a little bit wet.

Next, we went and saw all the animals. We gave them the spinach that that we couldn’t eat, they ate it really quickly. Aliex and Elsa rode Perla, they’re turning into right experts now! Guillem rode a digger with straw in, so Perla would follow him when the children were riding Perla. It worked but Guillem had to pendle really fast. Jordi, Theo and Aliex took it in turns to feed the chickens. We then went for a stroll to see the sheep and goats, Aliex rode a sheep he’s really good!

It was then time to make scones. The children took it in turns to add all the ingredients into the thermomix, Julia was really helpful. They then shaped the dough to mould it into a circle. To finish, the children placed some milk on top of the scones. The children got a bit messy, but they had lots of fun!

It was time for the arts and crafts activity! The children had to place the straw into the water and blow to make bubbles. After, they had to place a piece of paper over the bubbles for 5 seconds. They had lots of fun counting to 5 and some even kept counting. There were lots of marvellous creations, Maria made a fish and Aliex made a starfish.

To end the evening we went and collected our scones, they smelt delicious!


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