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Planting strawberries

A new week at Casa Nostra means new activities, artwork and vegetables, there have been plenty today and everyones done a great job.

We planted not one, but two plants today. These were the potato and the lovely strawberry, which everyone has been very excited about and can’t wait to eat. We’re all experts in potato planting now so the group did very well at using them all. The strawberries are new to the group so we had to learn the best way to plant them, using a big sheet of plastic and tools. Cata put so many in the ground and did it really well, we’re very lucky to have such great farmers amongst us! We also watered all the vegetables, Bruna had a go at using the big hose to water the peas and managed to give every one of the plants a drink. Gina had a lovely jump in the puddles, then Perla was calling us so we collected some weeds for her and headed over.

We each had a handful of weeds and fed the donkeys and ponies. Even Estrella, who is usually very shy as she is a baby pony, had a nice big mouthful. We also fed the chickens their dinner, Banu fed them by hand, and her sister Juno did as well, they’re great with animals! We then walked up to the goats and sheep to give them their dinner and treats, we carried the food as as team and they were very happy.

Today we made a classic English treat, scones. We made the mix together and then each made our shape before putting it in the oven. We made the measurements perfectly today and they turned out to be delicious!

Another peculiar activity today has been our bubble painting. This is a great fun way to paint using bubbles blown with a straw. We used blue, yellow and green paints and the creations turned out to be fantastic. Some people also drew animals, like seahorses, crabs and frogs. Cata did a great seahorse. Picasso would be proud! We then sand some songs, Cata did really well singing London Bridge and Joanna understood lots of the words. A lovely way to finish before our tasty treats.

Thanks and see you all next week!


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