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Chinese new year

Today we learnt about the Chinese new year. This year it’s the year of the monkey! It is soon going to be celebrated in Barcelona with a parade.

We began the day by watering the vegetables and fruit and planting the strawberries, Mae is getting very fast at planting strawberries. We planted another new row of lettuce, Maria and Gina worked as a team to plant these gently in the soil. We spotted three artichokes growing. Before we left Jan helped to collect a cabbage it needed all his strength to pull it out of the ground and David helped pull up a cabbage too. We also collected some celery. Luca and Sergi helped make holes in the garden to get them ready for growing more fruit.

We went to feed the animals, Perla was happy to let Alex go for a ride on the saddle and the ducks were very excited to get a new change of water. Txell enjoyed refilling the pond and seeing the ducks flapping their wings in their fresh water. We collected so many eggs that we lost count how many we gathered.

Asier created a great bread roll, when we were doing our baking, today. Aneu made three small rolls.

After baking, we went back to the farm room to watch the shadow puppet story about the tradition of the Chinese New Year. We found out who came first in the race. It was the rat, he was naughty because he cheated. We discovered that every year an animal is celebrated. We heard the song ‘Gung Hei fat choi’ which means happy new year in Mandarin.

After watching the story of the animal race we made some dancing dragons and some lucky fish. We carefully coloured in the heads and tails of the dragons and made a concertina body to connect the heads and tails of the dragon. Aneu and Gina made such colourful dancing dragons and Arnau made a masterpiece dragon to take away.

We all went to get our fresh bread rolls. The smell of delicious fresh bread was a pleasant way to end farm school today.


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