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Planting garlic

On the last day of week we have had so much fun.

On class one Ian was really good at saying the name of animals. Toni sang the chicken song very good. Lila and Sofia made her own cows very fast and very beautiful. Guillem really improved on his concentration and focused well in the classroom. Mauro wrote the word Cow.

In Class two they all sang the song “old Mc Donald” and Estela was good at it, although everyone did a good job. Txell and Carla were very good at spelling. Jan was really good at reading.

In class three they played the lyrics game and boys won that. Pau helped a lot in the kitchen. Paula was good at saying out loud the name of animals, she also finished the matching activity about animals first. And Alan was the one who picked the biggest Lettuce in the farm.

Have a nice weekend and see you soon.

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