Harry Potter, Cells and Trip to Taradell

EARLY YEARS We have been enjoying the warmer weather and the arrival of Spring! We made yummy fruit smoothies in Cooking - the children peeled and chopped fruit to put in the blender with yoghurt - it was very exciting to turn the machine on! We are also looking forward to our performance of The Gingerbread Man in the Project Presentation this afternoon. The children really like the story and act out their roles with enthusiasm. PRIMARY 29nd March Primary have been hard at work expanding their knowledge of shapes and space with the introduction of some new concepts such as parallel and perpendicular lines. In mathematics, students have also been continuing their work on their times tables,

Spring time

EARLY YEARS We have had a week of celebrations - we made cards for Fathers’ Day on Tuesday and then enjoyed the first official day of Spring yesterday! We went on a ‘Spring Hunt’ to search for signs of Spring. The children enjoyed working together to look outside for items on their lists. We successfully found flower buds, flowers, blossom on trees, green leaves, birds and a birds nest. We did not see any ladybugs or lambs but we will be looking for these and other signs of Spring on the way to school or if we go somewhere at the weekend with our families for example. We are getting very good at identifying and making shapes and numbers and we enjoyed making number cookies in Cooking class t

Egg incubator

EARLY YEARS We have had an interesting week talking about the coming Spring and looking for signs such as birds, butterflies, insects, blossom and flowers. We learnt about where chicks come from and we are very excited about the egg incubator upstairs! We know that we have to take care of the eggs and keep them warm like a mother hen so that they will hatch chicks. During Springtime we see lots of different baby animals and we have been learning about them, too. In PSED we are learning about how to be healthy such as washing our hands, especially before eating. We are looking at healthy food that we can eat and we made a fruit salad in Cooking class. Everyone enjoyed chopping, peeling, mixin

Weather station and Pancakes

EARLY YEARS Happy Pancake Day! We celebrated the British tradition of making pancakes for Shrove Tuesday. Everyone enjoyed making the pancake mix in Cooking class and the pancakes were yummy! We've also been exploring 'i’ in Phonics and working on our letter formation for 'g’ in Handwriting. We have continued with our story, 'The Gingerbread Man’ and did well with story sequencing in a cutting and sticking activity for Topic Time. It has been very warm today so we played with coloured water and role-played cooking for a picnic during Golden Time. PRIMARY The highlight of our week was the trip to the weather station in Granollers and looking at all the instruments to record and predict the we

Gingerbread Man, fractions, maps and Carnival

EARLY YEARS What a great week we've had! We have been learning about the Gingerbread Man and have been making different forms of this character in Art as well as cooking - yum! We have also enjoyed making shared drawings on pictures that start with initial sounds that we know in Phonics. We also enjoyed dressing up and participating in the Carnival in the village today. PRIMARY We’ve done lots of different things this week! We’ve continued our map work and we’ve been learning about continents and we’ve used Google Earth to explore different types of landmasses. We’ve learned about mountains, but not geographical ones; story mountains for planning our Sant Jordi writing. In Numeracy we have b

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