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Weather station and Pancakes


Happy Pancake Day! We celebrated the British tradition of making pancakes for Shrove Tuesday. Everyone enjoyed making the pancake mix in Cooking class and the pancakes were yummy! We've also been exploring 'i’ in Phonics and working on our letter formation for 'g’ in Handwriting. We have continued with our story, 'The Gingerbread Man’ and did well with story sequencing in a cutting and sticking activity for Topic Time. It has been very warm today so we played with coloured water and role-played cooking for a picnic during Golden Time.


The highlight of our week was the trip to the weather station in Granollers and looking at all the instruments to record and predict the weather. The rest of the week has been really busy as well, finishing our story mountains, carrying on with our materials topic and weather topic. On Tuesday we also made and ate pancakes, yum! We watched a video called Caine’s Arcade to inspire our D&T project of making games and toys from the objects and materials we find around us. We have been looking at the phoneme ´th’ in Literacy, and in Numeracy we have continued to explore fractions, multiplication as well as revise some basic number facts. Not to forget swimming, PE, and Matilda rehearsals, it’s been a busy week!



We have started looking at the passive voice this week and carried on with our reading comprehension tasks.


Friday we have done the exam related to Measuring Units and Geometry, so this week every Level has been closing the chapter related to Mass, Area, Capacity Units and how we can change them.

At Geometry level 1 they have been drawing Angles and learning how to name them. And at Level 2 we have continued Bisecting Angles and Segments.


This week we have been remembering about Forces since next Wednesday they are going to have an Exam: Gravity, Weight, Thrust, Friction, Upthrust....When is it that they are balanced? When the object is still or moving at steady speed! When the opposite forces acting on an object are Unbalanced then the object is starting to accelerate.


We have been talking about Metal Alloys, that they are mixture of Metals that change the properties of the Pure Metal.

We have been doing some Group Dynamics. The class has been divided into two Groups, called Home Groups. Each member of the Group is responsible for a Question given on a Worksheet, and meets the member of the other group that has the same question: the Expert Group.

They have been preparing all the Questions and they have done the Expert Group meeting. Next Day we will continue with the Dynamics: each expert goes back to his/her Home Group and teaches the others. Let see how it goes!


This week they have learned that there also exist Harmful Microorganisms: bacteria, viruses, protozoa or fungi that can provoke Infectious diseases. We have worked through some examples like Malaria or the Flu or Typhoid, how we can get them, what are the symptoms and how can we try to avoid them.

It is scary thing that there microorganisms everywhere and that some can be really harmful! But then it is important to know what you can do to avoid them.


This week we had an examination about the different units we have learned about so far; prehistoric migrations, continents, solar system, global warming, birth and etymology of geography, first world maps, plans, scales and mental maps. After the exam, we had spare time to do homework or just relax playing some kahoot games.


On March 8th, International Women’s Day, we learned about women’s fight for equal rights and opportunities with men. We commented many examples of discrimination against women through history and nowadays, in our country and also in other countries. We also learned what a patriarchal society is and how a woman’s life is like in it.

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