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Gingerbread Man, fractions, maps and Carnival


What a great week we've had! We have been learning about the Gingerbread Man and have been making different forms of this character in Art as well as cooking - yum! We have also enjoyed making shared drawings on pictures that start with initial sounds that we know in Phonics. We also enjoyed dressing up and participating in the Carnival in the village today.


We’ve done lots of different things this week! We’ve continued our map work and we’ve been learning about continents and we’ve used Google Earth to explore different types of landmasses. We’ve learned about mountains, but not geographical ones; story mountains for planning our Sant Jordi writing. In Numeracy we have been exploring fractions and equivalent fractions as well as starting some multiplication drills, which we have enjoyed! In Science this week we revised our work on materials and then went on to sort and classify objects using their material properties. We’ve learned a lot of complicated words like absorbent and waterproof. We’re looking forward to the carnival parade this afternoon!



This week we did a listening exam as well as some speaking and listening using fronted adverbials. We also carried on with our reading and did some full marking of our magazine articles.


At level 3 we are changing units of capacity and areas, discovering new units a Hectare=100mx100m=10000m2!

At level 2 finishing the chapter seeing the difference between giving an accurate number or an approximate. Also introducing a new measure from the Imperial Units: a mile is 8/5Km.

At level 1 they have discovered that 1cm3 is a milliliter (ml) and that a cube of side 10cm is a liter (l).

In Geometry, while level 1 is measuring and drawing angles, levels 2&3 are trying to bisect them!


After the lasts presentations of Night Sky Objects to Primary, we are back learning about Forces. We have discovered two new Forces: Upthrust & Tension and remembering how as forces they can be balanced or unbalanced.


We have finished the Chapter about Non Metals and now we have seen many types of measurements and how sometimes it can be that there can be some that do not fit the Pattern. We can see it after drawing the Graph Line or the Bar Chart and then decide to do the measurement again.


They have learned that there are some microorganisms that are working for us. Like some Bacteria in the Yoghurt, they give this acidic taste or some Yeast in Bread, they make the structure more soft and spongy. We have made Dough and did some experimenting in watching it grow.


We have talked about different types of maps so far; the first world maps, mental maps…This week we learned how to use google maps to get aerial views of places in the world. It’s really useful to know the distances between places (it’s a scale map!) and it’s also amazing to see the shapes and design of famous cities around the world (Venice, Athens, New York…). Then, we learned how to sketch a map from an aerial photo and attempted to draw the layout of Llinars, with its main features and including a key (indispensable to read the map).


This week we had an exam. The students had plenty of time to study, the previous day some students came up with relevant questions, but at 2 o’clock on Friday afternoon the die is cast and everyone did their best. It took them just one hour to complete all the questions and when we finished, we all went together to the carnival show!

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