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Gingerbread Man, fractions, maps and Carnival


What a great week we've had! We have been learning about the Gingerbread Man and have been making different forms of this character in Art as well as cooking - yum! We have also enjoyed making shared drawings on pictures that start with initial sounds that we know in Phonics. We also enjoyed dressing up and participating in the Carnival in the village today.


We’ve done lots of different things this week! We’ve continued our map work and we’ve been learning about continents and we’ve used Google Earth to explore different types of landmasses. We’ve learned about mountains, but not geographical ones; story mountains for planning our Sant Jordi writing. In Numeracy we have been exploring fractions and equivalent fractions as well as starting some multiplication drills, which we have enjoyed! In Science this week we revised our work on materials and then went on to sort and classify objects using their material properties. We’ve learned a lot of complicated words like abso