Four seasons

Today at the farm school. We were thinking about the four seasons. Spring, summer, winter and autumn. As it was a very rainy morning this morning, we did not need to water the vegetables and the fruit, so we gave the watering cans a rest today. There were so many puddles to splash in, lucky we were wearing our wellies! Luca gave his toy crocodile a bath. We counted the artichokes and the strawberries and we collected some peas. We planted a row of onions in a row. David helped to count the artichokes there were at least twenty-six of them. We decided to give Perla and Villetta a day off today. Instead we gave the ponies and donkeys a spa day. Gina brushed Perla’s coat. We collected sixteen e

Hide and seek in the broadbeans

Today has been one of our noisiest and most energetic days in a long time! Everyone has been full of excitement and we’ve put lots of that energy into creativity and activities. Today we decided to expand our onion operation, soon we will have enough to feed the whole farm school! We planted a row of onions, covered them then added some water to make them happy. Then we watered all the vegetables and explored the fruit garden, having a look at the river. Theo and Marc put in a lot of effort to water all the artichokes, some of our biggest plants. At one point, Sara, Judit and a team of friends decided to hide in the broad bean plants, then jump out and surprise us! It was quite scary and fun

I'm the biggest thing in the ocean

Today at Granja Escola, we continued with the under the sea theme. We, first of all, went to the garden to collect some spinach and we tried out the delicious peas to eat. Many of the peas have grown very big now. Cata enjoyed collecting and eating the biggest ones she could find she also collected a lot of spinach. We counted how many artichokes that were growing. We counted up to twenty-three. Gina made sure that all the peas and the beans were watered. When it was time to visit the donkeys and the ponies we collected lots of weeds for them to eat. We made sure we spared some for Blanket. Perla let Banu and Gina go for a ride on her back Banu was very brave in needing no help. We decided

Three lizards

It’s a lovely sunny day and a great day for farming, fun and fantastic creations, as well as some good old baking and treats! This morning we had to put the planting on hold- because there is so much picking to do! We picked all of our leeks today, sometimes two of us had to pull at once because they were so deeply routed. Gina was very strong, and Jordi pulled out three at once! We also decided to get the radishes. We made sure we got our hands on the largest ones, picking nearly all of them but making sure the baby ones stayed behind to grow. Next we had a look at the artichokes- we how now have a whopping nine of them! They’re growing nicely and may be picked next week. We then moved on t

Yellow submarine

At Granja Escola today, we finished planting a row of onions. Marc was very quick he must have planted about ten onions in one go, while Theo watered the artichokes. We collected some radish, leeks and one artichoke. We had some brand new helmets to wear while we rode the donkeys. Perla and Valentine wore their new bridles and they both looked very smart. Aina and Guillam groomed Valentine with the brand new brushes whilst he was having his dinner. He enjoyed that very much! Blanket didn’t miss out on treats. He got a brand new orange collar to wear. Then we went to visit the goats and the sheep. Floquet was very keen to be picked up and cuddled by the children. One of the friends Floquet ma

Collecting artichokes

Today we are happy to be back and working as hard as ever! We have planted vegetables, picked them, fed the animals and started on an epic two week project. First we introduced everyone to our new teacher, Gimena. Specialising in environmental education, Gimena joins us after studying in Edinburgh and Leeds in the UK and was very happy to meet everyone! We picked lots of vegetables today. We started with leeks, then peas, onions, spinach, broad beans and one artichoke. Then we planted some lovely smelling spring onion and made sure everything was watered. We also filled a whole wheelbarrow full of weeds for the animals to eat. Jordi found lots of big peas, Banu tasted some and liked them, Ju

Rainbow fish

It was the last day for Alana today, she joined us last year as a teacher and she is sadly leaving us to go back to England. We will miss her but wish her the best for her future. Hopefully she will visit us again, someday. We began our day with planting the potatoes and onion. We pulled up the radishes and some onions. They had grown so big. Gina collected many to put in the basket. Jordi was watching the strawberries and noticed the bright red one growing. Sergi helped water all the vegetables and fruits. Luca found a bright red ladybird and butterfly. When we fed the chickens, Aneu finally managed to catch the fast black hen with the help of Josh. Then Mae rode Perla with such confidence,

Collecting broad beans

We were lucky that the rain stopped just before the farm school! This meant that we didn’t have to water all the plants in the garden, but we have been busy planting instead. Firstly, we planted parsley, all the children enjoyed helping one another, especially Aina. We then planted some onions, Aleix made the holes with the dipper and all the other children planted the onions. Maria and Julia were really quick at planting the onions, they did an excellent job. After we went and looked at the Before going to the animals, we collected some weeds for Perla and Valintine. It was very muddy down at the animals today, but we all had our boots! Alex, Maria, Aina and Theo collected the eggs, we coun

Planting onions

Hello everyone, today has been a very exciting day and we can’t wait to tell you all about it. As we are now better farmers than ever, we decided to make sure all the vegetables are treated very well by watering them and checking that they’re healthy. We did this as the group started to arrive, and then when everyone got here we went to plant some lovely onions. Cata and Gina were very keen to plant the most, whilst Banu, Bruna and the rest of the group helped as well. Joan even made sure they were secure in the soil before leaving them! Sergi handed out some peas and we all tried them, some people enjoyed them and some didn’t. An acquired taste I suppose! The group were very eager to see th

Baby goat

Today has been a very exciting day, Xispa had a baby! But before we got to see the new baby we went to the vegetable garden. Firstly, we planted some onions, Gerard and Aneu planted them really quickly! After, we had to water them to ensure they grow really big, Aliex and Ivan were really helpful and helped water them. Ivan also used the hose to water all of the garlic, as there are now lots of plants and we need some extra help! We then looked at the beans to see how big they’re getting and they’re almost ready to be picked. We then went to see the donkeys, ponies and chickens! Where all the new children got to meet them for the first time and even got to ride Perla. Perla was very good and

Space Pictures

We zoomed to outer space, today. We went on a journey on our rocket ships to see what we could find? We started out on planet Earth when we went to water the vegetables and fruits. Abrahem soon got used to watering the rows of vegetables and Marc watered the onions and spinach. He helped pull up the spinach and so did Alex and Arnau. Today, we planted more strawberries and lettuce. Pretty soon we should have some lovely red strawberries to eat and enjoy. We fed the ponies today, Violetta was happy to let Sara ride about on her back. Perla gave some rides too to the children. Mae and Marc enjoyed this very much. The chickens and ducks had a treat of bread. Jan fed the ducks the bread rolls i

New peacock

Today was a rather exciting day! We started today off by looking at all the fruit and vegetables on the farm, the peas have gotten really big. Theo even tried some peas, he thought they were really yummy. We also went on a hunt to try and find some more beans, the plants are really tall now. We then watered all the vegetables, Alex and Maria watered all the garlic. Aleix was very skilled at pulling up the leeks and was showing everyone else how it was done. Finally, we then picked some weeds for the animals, Maria and Elsa climbed up the hill too reach lots of weeds. They are good climbers. Off to the animals we went! Where the children were able to see the new peacock, they thought it was r

Delicious bread

Welcome back to our Tuesday farm school, where we´ve been very creative with dragons, fish, baking and some serious farming! After a great welcome to the group and a walk around the vegetables, we started the afternoon by planting some new strawberries, adding to our ever growing collection one plant at a time. Cata and Gina did plenty of planting, whilst everyone else managed to have a go too. Once we had planted a whole row, we made sure all the vegetables were watered and healthy. We also had a look at all our newest additions- some artichokes, peas and beans are coming through and looking great! As a team we picked a cauliflower and kept the leaves for the animals. We fed the chickens th

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