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Yellow submarine

At Granja Escola today, we finished planting a row of onions. Marc was very quick he must have planted about ten onions in one go, while Theo watered the artichokes. We collected some radish, leeks and one artichoke.

We had some brand new helmets to wear while we rode the donkeys. Perla and Valentine wore their new bridles and they both looked very smart. Aina and Guillam groomed Valentine with the brand new brushes whilst he was having his dinner. He enjoyed that very much! Blanket didn’t miss out on treats. He got a brand new orange collar to wear.

Then we went to visit the goats and the sheep. Floquet was very keen to be picked up and cuddled by the children. One of the friends Floquet made today was Alex.

Then, we were ready to make some sea themed biscuits. We made fish, octopi and other sea creatures. They all looked tasty by the time that they were cooked and ready to take home.

For the final activity of the day we began to make our papier mache fish. Each fish needed several layers of sticky paper and we attached fins and a tail to the fish. Hopefully, the fishes will be dry and ready to paint next week. Maria and Julia were very skilful in wrapping their balloons in paper, so that they were both ready to help other people.

Towards the end of the day, we sang the songs, ‘Yellow Submarine’ and ‘Alice the Camel’. Maria and Elsa helped Siobhan by turning the pages so that she could sing the words and play the guitar. They cleverly understood when to turn the page when the words had finished. Aleix had a good go at strumming some guitar chords too.

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