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I'm the biggest thing in the ocean

Today at Granja Escola, we continued with the under the sea theme.

We, first of all, went to the garden to collect some spinach and we tried out the delicious peas to eat. Many of the peas have grown very big now. Cata enjoyed collecting and eating the biggest ones she could find she also collected a lot of spinach. We counted how many artichokes that were growing. We counted up to twenty-three. Gina made sure that all the peas and the beans were watered.

When it was time to visit the donkeys and the ponies we collected lots of weeds for them to eat. We made sure we spared some for Blanket. Perla let Banu and Gina go for a ride on her back Banu was very brave in needing no help. We decided to let Blanket go back to his home today, he was excited to go, so we took him for a walk, with his lead, back to the sheep and the goats.

While we were visiting the sheep and the goats, we picked a juicy yellow lemon to use for our cookies. Joanna and Judit prepared the lemon rind and the lemon juice to go into the mixture. Luca and Bruna made some excellent cookie shapes.

Soon it was time to go back to the school room to complete our rainbow fishes. We carefully painted the fish with many bright colours. Then we stuck the tails of the fish. Our fish looked amazing when they were finally completed. We had to paint and add the tails of the fish as well.

We had some time to sit and read the story ‘I’m the biggest thing in the ocean’ together. We discovered the octopus wanted to show off all the time to the other creatures that lived in the ocean he did not realise how silly he was but at least he made us laugh.

Before, we left to go home we went to the kitchen to find our delicious lemon biscuits. Yum yum!

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