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Three lizards

It’s a lovely sunny day and a great day for farming, fun and fantastic creations, as well as some good old baking and treats!

This morning we had to put the planting on hold- because there is so much picking to do! We picked all of our leeks today, sometimes two of us had to pull at once because they were so deeply routed. Gina was very strong, and Jordi pulled out three at once! We also decided to get the radishes. We made sure we got our hands on the largest ones, picking nearly all of them but making sure the baby ones stayed behind to grow. Next we had a look at the artichokes- we how now have a whopping nine of them! They’re growing nicely and may be picked next week. We then moved on to the cauliflower patch, where some really impressive specimens are growing. We carefully twisted two out of their leaves, then took the leaves for the animals. Nothing goes to waste! Finally, we picked some nice green bunches of spinach. Everyone had a go and did a great job picking the freshest looking. David helped to collect them all into one basket so we could take them up to the garden. Meanwhile, Luca had found not one, but three lizards and was showing them to everyone. They lived in his basket for a while before he found a safe place to set them free. We decided they must be a family! Then with all our vegetables and weeds, we headed up to the animals.

Interacting with the animals is really great for all the children. They get to learn how to treat and look after them, and it’s a lot of fun too. Today we got to have fun whilst using all our new gear- new helmets, reigns, leads and brushes for the donkeys and ponies. This makes everything safer and more comfortable for both rider and animal. Yemna brushed Perla, which is one of Perla’s favourite activities. Jan, Judit, Asier and others looked very professional on Perla, who took them on adventures around the pen. Meanwhile, Luca, Aneu and Txell were collecting the different coloured chickens to see what they looked like up close. They are all different shapes and sizes but were all very friendly and comfortable being picked up. After heading up to the goats, we tried a new approach to interact with baby Floc. We all sat in a circle and let him come to us- which he did! He climbed on us, jumped over as and put his little feet on our backs. He loves climbing and meeting everyone!

We spent the last part of the day doing a mixture of baking and creating. We’re still working on the fish project, and today we attached fins and even managed to do some really bright and colourful painting. Jordi, Judit and Sara helped mix some colours together to make brand new ones for the fish. We also baked our lemon cookies, with fresh lemon zest picked straight from the tree by Txell and Aneu.

After such a fun packed day, we’ve got lots to show and can’t wait for next week, when we can finish the fish to take home!

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