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Hide and seek in the broadbeans

Today has been one of our noisiest and most energetic days in a long time! Everyone has been full of excitement and we’ve put lots of that energy into creativity and activities.

Today we decided to expand our onion operation, soon we will have enough to feed the whole farm school! We planted a row of onions, covered them then added some water to make them happy. Then we watered all the vegetables and explored the fruit garden, having a look at the river. Theo and Marc put in a lot of effort to water all the artichokes, some of our biggest plants. At one point, Sara, Judit and a team of friends decided to hide in the broad bean plants, then jump out and surprise us! It was quite scary and funny. Luckily we didn’t water them by accident!

As Perla the donkey has been working very hard, we decided she deserved a nice rest. We spent time brushing and stroking her and made sure she had some nice treats to snack on as well. Meanwhile, Sergi, Maria and friends found some eggs from our chickens before we fed them their dinner. Flocet, our new baby goat, is already showing a talent for climbing (on people) and we even noticed he’s starting to eat plants! Were made sure his bed was well made and moved on to the kitchen.