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Collecting artichokes

Today we are happy to be back and working as hard as ever! We have planted vegetables, picked them, fed the animals and started on an epic two week project.

First we introduced everyone to our new teacher, Gimena. Specialising in environmental education, Gimena joins us after studying in Edinburgh and Leeds in the UK and was very happy to meet everyone! We picked lots of vegetables today. We started with leeks, then peas, onions, spinach, broad beans and one artichoke. Then we planted some lovely smelling spring onion and made sure everything was watered. We also filled a whole wheelbarrow full of weeds for the animals to eat. Jordi found lots of big peas, Banu tasted some and liked them, Judit and Joanna picked some big beans and everyone helped bring back the vegetables!

Gina and Cata had a great time riding Perla, going on adventures round the donkey houses. Banu helped lead the donkeys with their food, and together we all found over twenty eggs from the chickens. We also rode Violeta who has become very happy and confident in doing so!

A visit to the baby goat was in order and we didn’t show up empty handed- we took lots of snacks and food for them and they were very happy. The baby goat, Floc, loves to climb and was showing off.

This evening we made some lovely vanilla biscuits, making all sorts of sea themed shapes. We had octopi, boats, fish and sea horses. They were varied and very well done.

We also began our two week project today, involving one of our favourite activities- papier mache. We started with our balloons and paper, working our way to making a big fish! They are currently drying and will be ready to continue next week.

See you all then!

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