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Chickens at Halloween

As the spookiest day of the year rolls closer, Casa Nostra's team of young farmers enter into the gruesome spirit... In Class 1, young Pau was as adventurous as ever; he loved reading the book about chickens at Halloween in the chicken coop. Carla did a wonderful job at making her own Halloween word collage. Well done Carla! Everyone learned some new English Halloween songs, when Orial proved to be todays tuneful vocalist! Lastly, the teams new addition, Bernat, did so well in getting involved in all the activities; feeding the goats and being the particularly gifted chef of the class with his creepy witch's finger! In class 3, the whole team learned a handful of halloween vocabulary as they crafted their own googly-eyed spiders. Rai did a brilliant job of weaving the web for his spider's home! Afterwards, Jenis and Emma both equally impressed the teacher as they worked through some halloween themed writing, answering all the questions accurately. Job well done! In the garden, the boys and girls went their separate ways... the boys on planting duty And the girls following after with a splash of water on the freshly planted lettuce. We look forward to many salads to come!

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