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More Pumpkins

Spooky things are happening down at Casa Nostra this week! Pumpkins, spiders and even witches fingers will be creeping into our class activities! Class 1 did all things Halloween outside today! Hugo loved singing all of the songs on the trampoline and was very good at baking. Jan made two impressive gruesome witches fingers and concentrated hard reading our book about chickens, his English progresses every week. Alex was amazing with the animals and Adam and Julia made the most glittery Halloween collages. The other half of class 1 made lovely fluffy spiders they did really well at weaving the webs for their homes! Gina and Aran searched high and low in the garden and found several of the halloween characters that we were looking for. Big shout out to Eric today who was the winning chef with his exceptionally creepy finger! Class 2 were in the Halloween spirit and learnt the song 'incy bitsy spider', Emma and Bruna were especially good at joining in! Then they made their very own pumpkin vocabulary book with words all to do with Halloween! Banu and Janna made a big effort to make theirs look pretty! They finished the day with reading 'room on the broom' and they all listened so intently. In class 3 Ariadna was top of that class at reading and answering questions about Halloween and Cata made sure that all the animals were well fed! Today they crafted spiderwebs from thread and sticks. And made little spiders to stick on them! Pau was the most determined and made his extra adorable! But overall the whole class were all super good at learning the new words their teacher had introduced! Well done!

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