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Almond week

Casa Nostra hereby declares this week as almond week, because everyone saw the first almond growing on the almond tree. If you want to find the prized almond for yourself, take a tour around the farm and you'll find each tree has been gifted with its own sign telling you it's name and season. This Saturday the oldest class were all excited to ride Pearla the donkey, the brave equestrians were Paula, Pau and Alba. Teacher Egle said that her class star today was Paula who correctly labelled a plant, including roots, leaf, bulb and petal. Class 2 are still distinguishing between fruits and vegetables- learning how to sort their own shopping into the correct baskets. Teacher Ariana said Carla's concentration was fantastic and she always preservers when things are tricky. Star student was Estella who is always helping others and the teachers. Class 1 have been learning the names of fruits and vegetables and their correct colours. Our resident artist Ian was amazing at colouring in and loved reading the books "Oliver's Fruit Salad" and "Handas Surprise". Toni loved reading the book "Apple, Bear, Pear". Lila and Sofia were very superstars at the class activity.

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