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Frog Olympics

We’re nearing the end of the week here at farm school and all the children are accustomed to their daily routines. The younger group were very busy olympians today, practising lots of tricks, flips and turns on the trampoline. They coloured in one of the Rio Olympic mascots in the morning, a monkey called Vinicius and later in the day they had lots of fun doing jigsaws and puzzles all together. The children had a great time in the chicken coop today, collecting and putting the eggs in the basket very carefully.

The middle group practised their Olympic sports vocabulary today and read some Olympic themed books including ‘Frog Olympics’ and ‘Greek Olympics’. After they prepped their piñata (ready to use tomorrow for fun Friday) Biel gave everyone a gymnastics show. And in the afternoon The middle group and the big group got together in one classroom and watched some Olympic themed English cartoons including ‘Goofy the Olympic Champ' and 'Pink Panther Olympics’.

The older group started the day off with an Olympic themed word search and, by popular demand, created some giant hand print Olympic rings. They used paint on their hands which they printed on paper, then once dry, cut them out and stuck them together in circles to form the Olympic rings. In the afternoon they worked on a worksheet, where they had the names of certain sports, and the description of these sports, and they had to match the sports to their correct descriptions. Every one worked really well and helped each other out in groups.

At the end of the day all the groups got together and ate the delicious flapjacks they had made earlier in the day. I hope every one comes with lots of energy tomorrow for some piñata bashing and Olympic racing.

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