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Giant cauliflower

Today at farm school we were very careful to make sure that all the vegetables and fruits got watered as the soil was very dry. We could see that there is going to be a nice new crop of strawberries that we can eat maybe next week. We collected a giant cauliflower. Jordi managed to pull up the cauliflower with all his strength Aleix carried it to the bench, Aleix, Maria and Marc were helpful in plucking all the leaves off the cauliflower to feed Perla. We picked some of the new crop of spinach that is now ready to harvest. Gillam was the first to take a bunch of spinach.

Then we went on our way to see the donkeys and the chickens. Aina and Maria were very confident with riding on Perla. Perla was trotting quite fast too! Maria and Elsa were very helpful in feeding the chickens, ponies and donkeys and they helped the teachers to get the food ready to feed the goats and the sheep.

We were looking forward to making the shortbread biscuits today. Judit, Julia, Elsa, Sara and Aleix helped in measuring and putting in the ingredients in the mixer. We moulded the dough to round shapes.

While we were waiting for the biscuits to cook, we began to make our fact page on the for special colours, saints and names of the countries in the British Isles. The teachers really liked Maria’s own version on how she created the different flowers. It was very pretty.

We checked on the biscuits that were now cooked. Some of the biscuits were still so hot that we had to wait a little longer to eat them. It was a good test to our patience though. They were worth waiting those extra minutes for.

After we ate our biscuits we walked back into the school room to sing some tunes with the guitar. Siobhan really enjoyed Elsa’s singing to ‘London Bridge is falling down’.

Before we went home we tried out our skills at playing the game ‘red letter day’ and ‘what’s the time Mr wolf?’. We took home with us some of the dark green spinach and yummy cauliflower.

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