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Swiss chard, lettuces, spring onions and cauliflower

Today has seen the return of our much enjoyed Farm School, we´re very excited to see what´s going to happen in the new term and are happy to see our new friends are as well!

The aim of today´s session has been to introduce everyone to the vegetable garden, animals and games, whilst learning as much as possible and having lots of fun along the way. We started by playing some quick and enjoyable games to get everyone warmed up and feeling comfortable. The orders game saw us running around, hoppimg and crawling like the donkeys, everyone was so good a tit we thought it would never end!

Once the whole group had arrived, it was time to start on the vegetables (and fruit!). We worked as a team to each carry out diferent tasks and take it in turns to do so. The tasks included watering, digging holes and planting the autumn vegetables. We had Swiss Chard, lettuce, spring onions, and cauliflower. Each person took time to look at the colours, size and even smell of each vegetable before planting. Then we had to make sure that they were secure in the ground and well watered, along with the other vegetables that were already growing. It´s just as important to lo