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Water fight

Today started off with a humoungous water fight, where the kids had their own water pistols and balloons. They really enjoyed this and had great fun running around and finding places to hide from eachother. It was a great way to cool down and escape the hot sun. The part they loved the most was soaking the teachers! After breakfast we went on a hunt for the reddist tomatoes, which were an ingredient for our lunchtime soup. The kids picked dozens of tomatoes and made it a competition of who could find the biggest tomato. We then broke off into smaller groups, the oldest group continued making their world map circuit boards, while some of the younger ones cooled off in the pool. Others made a line of dominoes that snaked through the house, it was very impressive! We then went to visit Estrella before lunch. The kids fed and stroked her and they also said hello to Perla. There was then time for the kids to do some drawing before the food was ready. We had a huge scroll of paper which was the length of the entire table, the children coloured it in together and others cut squares out of it to make snow flake patterns. After lunch it was time to face paint. Everyone chose their favourite character to transfrom into, even some of the teachers had their faces

painted. There was Spiderman, butterflies, monsters, rainbows, princesses, skeletons and cats. The kids played in the pool and played bat and ball games, and of course bounced on the trampoline! Today was a really fun day to finish off the week, we also said goodbye to Simo and Gina which was sad as they will be missed at the summer camp!

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