Halloween is nearly here!

In Early Year this week we have been learning about the Halloween holiday and the different characters that we might find to help us celebrate! We had a fun and adventurous outing to the park with Year 1 & 2. We identified different Autumnal materials and investigated the difference between the trees and their leaves. In PSED we have been exploring our differences and have been doing activities to further forge our friendships in the class. Primary, this week the weather has brought Autumn to the front of our minds. In Primary we’ve learned an autumn song, been out to collect different leaf types and think about the different types of trees they come from. In Literacy we have been working on

First Music Recital !

Early years This week we have been exploring more about Autumn and we have made mini-forests! From sponge-painting the bases to making bridges and putting in 3-D trees and animals, it has been a learning process and a chance to use our creativity, develop our fine motor skills and understanding the world with a 'small world's perspective. We have also been working on our numeracy and literacy and have been doing really good work counting using tactile objects and natural materials from outside. In Personal, Social and Emotional Development, our topic is 'We Are All Different’ and we are looking at how we are all different and special in our own way! PRIMARY This week we have been practising

Welcome Autumn

Early years What a great week we've had! We have been continuing to learn about Autumn and we have made some very interesting 3D model trees using toilet rolls, pipe cleaners and real leaves! This was a good opportunity to practise our fine motor skills by threading the pipe cleaners into the 'tree trunks’. We are continuing with our Personal, Social and Emotional Development work on Feelings and we are doing very well with expressing how we feel, taking turns in games and also sharing toys with each other. We also enjoyed tracing in salt to help our fingers for pre-writing and letter direction. Year 1 &2 We enjoyed starting swimming again this week! We’ve also been busy working on writing d

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