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First Music Recital !

Early years

This week we have been exploring more about Autumn and we have made mini-forests! From sponge-painting the bases to making bridges and putting in 3-D trees and animals, it has been a learning process and a chance to use our creativity, develop our fine motor skills and understanding the world with a 'small world's perspective. We have also been working on our numeracy and literacy and have been doing really good work counting using tactile objects and natural materials from outside. In Personal, Social and Emotional Development, our topic is 'We Are All Different’ and we are looking at how we are all different and special in our own way!


This week we have been practising for our first music recital! We have all made a great start with our music learning. We have had our usual Numeracy and Literacy lessons, where we have concentrated on punctuation and sentence starters, ordinal numbers and written numbers. In PE this week we are developing the skills we need for cooperative games and developing our coordination. In our cinema session we watched Moana (in English of course) and we have some follow-up work in our Activity Folders. It feels like we’ve packed a lot into a short week!


On Monday we discussed our trip to Montjuic. Apart from our usual lessons, where we have continued to look at colonisation in Africa (Geography), the Battle of Trafalgar (History) this week we have been busy practising for our first Music Recital of this school year. We’ve even had a Music Theory class this week to complement our Performance learning. This has also meant that we have had to prepare a ‘café’ and everything we need to record our losses and profits in order to raise funds for our end-of-year trip. So, don’t forget to come and listen - and spend!

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