Halloween is nearly here!

In Early Year this week we have been learning about the Halloween holiday and the different characters that we might find to help us celebrate!

We had a fun and adventurous outing to the park with Year 1 & 2. We identified different Autumnal materials and investigated the difference between the trees and their leaves.

In PSED we have been exploring our differences and have been doing activities to further forge our friendships in the class.

Primary, this week the weather has brought Autumn to the front of our minds. In Primary we’ve learned an autumn song, been out to collect different leaf types and think about the different types of trees they come from. In Literacy we have been working on forest and Autumn vocabulary ready for our trip next week. We’ve also been working on writing descriptions of our houses, and talking about our favourite parts of the house. In Maths we’ve been skip counting and working on number sequences.We ended the week by making some big Autumn murals, mucky, fun and colourful!