Rocket Collage

It was very hot today in farm school but we made the most of the weather and all the children, from the youngest to the oldest, had time to cool off and play in the swimming pool. The younger children were busy working on a space themed poster and rocket collage today. They also worked on some more key words: star; astronaut; sun; moon. Soon they’ll be ready to go into space themselves! The middle class had a very successful day today because they won the baking competition between all the groups by making the tastiest flapjacks! In class they were learning numbers by counting down from 10 to 0 preparing for a rocket blast off! They then did a space treasure hunt and Pol collected the mo

Aliens love Underpants

The third day everybody knew what was going on and felt at ease with their new friends. Also the daily routine started to make sense and organising ourselves for our little quests into the garden and to see the animals came more naturally. The chicks were as sweet as always though Perla was as stubborn as a donkey and didn't want to move too much. The hottest hour we spent in the swimming pool and playing games in the shade but we were also creative and learnt a lot of new things. When the parents came not many were left of the brownies. Everybody agreed that today's Masterchefs was the group of Jo and Mahsa, delicious! But before cooking we were also creative in many other ways - the younge

Space Quiz

Having all got to know each other yesterday we were all so happy to see one another again! The little ones headed straight back into space and transformed themselves into little stars and sang “twinkle twinkle little star”. The 5-6 year olds discovered the names of all the planets in our solar system and some even learnt how to write them! The older children were challenged to a quiz all about space and the winner will be revealed tomorrow with a special prize! As a collective all of the children visited our vegetable garden throughout the day, as our peppers, onion, courgette and aubergines were all really thirsty so we filled up our watering cans and gave them a good drink! Martina, Cesca

Space week

What a fantastic first day we have all had! After finding our classrooms, meeting our teachers and making lots of new friends, we launched our exciting Space theme week. Whilst the younger children learned the English word for ´rocket´ and ´5,4,3,2,1, blast off!´, the 5-6 years olds learned how to write and say ´planet´, ´star´, ´moon´; and even jettisoned their own homemade bottle rockets into infinity and beyond... Meanwhile the older children practised using space vocabulary to talk about the planets and the Solar System. They also entertained one another singing ´frozen´karaoke songs as Saturn has frozen rings around it. As even astronauts need feeding, we all enjoyed picking lots of ju

Time for swimming pool

It was the last farm school of the academic year today and fittingly, we ended on a happy and fun high! Potatoes were busily dug from the vegetable garden and Jordi picked a super-sized courgette! Joanna demonstrated her fabulous counting skills too (she counted up to 100 potatoes in English). The children said their fond farewells to all of the animals, whilst Orla enjoyed her very first donkey ride on Perla. Everybody (parents included!) loved having a splash in the swimming pools and tucking into delicious pizza made by the children.

Super robot puppets

At farm school today, both groups took their turn in the garden. The older group, when it was their turn, gathered up as many fruits and vegetables as they could carry to see who could carry the most Sara managed the most but it was a very close competition. The older group managed to collect some potatoes, courgettes, some peaches and some ripe red tomatoes. The children in the younger group all made sure that they watered every plant in the garden then helped to collect some juicy red tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries and peaches. The older group began their time at the kitchen, they set out to measure and mix the ingredients to make chocolate chip cookies and a real treat, they could ma

Red Tomatoes

We were thrilled to start farm school off by seeking out the new red tomatoes that were growing. We picked some of the reddest looking tomatoes to take back to the kitchen. The younger group dug up some potatoes, they were trying to collect as many as they could. They set about watering all the rows of fruits and vegetables, making sure that all the plants. Then the group went to see the animals. Adria collected all the eggs on his own, while Jordi made sure that the donkeys and ponies were fed well. The older group, had quickly made their way to the kitchen to make their empanadas, Aina added the flour while Guillem added the oil. The children all took turns to knead the dough. All the chil

Ripest peaches

At the farm school today, the younger children set off right away to water all the rows of fruits and vegetables in the garden. They were so pleased to see that finally there are some lovely red tomatoes growing from the tomato vines. The group collected as many potatoes as they could find. The older group went to the kitchen to create some empanadas. They made the dough together. Judit kneaded it and then the group made several of their empanadas with a filling of cheese and onion. The group went to do their share of gardening they collected some more potatoes and some fresh strawberries. Then the group headed towards the peach trees to pick the ripest peaches to eat. They were yummy. The o


It was a muggy day at farm school today, the sky was very cloudy but it was still warm. The younger group of children set off to the garden first thing to collect some delicious tangy peaches. Then they went to the potatoes to pull up as many potatoes as they could that filled nearly the whole barrow. After that they checked on the courgettes and took some away. When they visited the animals, Aneu collected as many eggs as she could to hold in her basket. Then some children rode on Perla. Jan looked very confident. Once the older children were gathered, they went to the kitchen to make their chocolate volcanoes. David helped to break some eggs for the mixture and everyone had a go at folding

Chocolate volcanoes

In the garden, at farm school today, there was a lot busy helpers. Jan helped immediately with watering the fruits and vegetables with a watering can. The rest of his group collected some garlic which has a good strong smell, they collected the courgettes and they picked some ripe peaches from the fruit trees. As soon as, they had finished in the garden they paid a visit to see the animals. Perla was kind enough to let some of the children ride on her back, there were so many eggs collected that there was nearly not enough room in the basket for them all. The older children went straight to the kitchen to make their chocolate volcanoes. Everyone had a go at cracking an egg. Marc was able to

Fish art

The younger group of children started today in the garden by planting the onions and watering all the crops. They found some courgette to take home as it was finally ready to pick. The older group of children began their time in the kitchen. Today they decided that they were going to try out a recipe that they wanted to have a go at making for a long time, it was chocolate volcanoes. Cata and Jan tried to have a go at separating the egg yolks which proved to be quite difficult. Joanna stirred the egg till it became properly whisked. The younger group moved on to seeing the animals while the older group visited the garden. The older children checked on the tomato vines to see if they could s

Delicious bread

This Saturday morning at farm school, the older children began their time at the kitchen to make some chocolate and beetroot brownies. This time to make their brownies different the group used different muffin moulds to make interesting shapes from the cooked batter. The younger children began at the garden and got to work watering all the rows of fruit and vegetables. They then planted half a tray of onions and collected all the biggest green peppers that they could find. They collected enough to fill two baskets. Everyone has noticed just how much the courgettes have grown. When it was the turn for the older children to work in the garden they planted the rest of the onions. David used the

Space Mobiles

Everyone started today at the garden. Adrian and Neil immediately helped to water the garden. As soon as the older children were ready they went to the kitchen to make some delicious beetroot and chocolate brownies. The younger children stayed behind in the garden to water the vegetables and fruits and to collect half a row of potatoes. When they were ready to go to the animals they went to the chicken’s coop to collect the eggs and then they took turns to have donkey rides from Perla. In the kitchen, everyone added the ingredients to the mixer and helped to pour the mixture into the baking tray. Marc was great at helping to tidy up the counter. As soon as the brownie tray went into the oven

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