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Space week

What a fantastic first day we have all had! After finding our classrooms, meeting our teachers and making lots of new friends, we launched our exciting Space theme week. Whilst the younger children learned the English word for ´rocket´ and ´5,4,3,2,1, blast off!´, the 5-6 years olds learned how to write and say ´planet´, ´star´, ´moon´; and even jettisoned their own homemade bottle rockets into infinity and beyond... Meanwhile the older children practised using space vocabulary to talk about the planets and the Solar System. They also entertained one another singing ´frozen´karaoke songs as Saturn has frozen rings around it.

As even astronauts need feeding, we all enjoyed picking lots of juicy red tomatoes and green peppers, which we then ate in our tasty salad at lunch time. For our afternoon snack, we made the best sweet pizza dough ever!

Olivia and Vinyet, loved looking after Perla and Valentin (our two donkeys) and the younger children loved collecting eggs from our happy chickens.

After such a fun first day, we are all looking forward to seeing you on the farm at Casa Nostra tomorrow.

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