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Aliens love Underpants

The third day everybody knew what was going on and felt at ease with their new friends. Also the daily routine started to make sense and organising ourselves for our little quests into the garden and to see the animals came more naturally. The chicks were as sweet as always though Perla was as stubborn as a donkey and didn't want to move too much.

The hottest hour we spent in the swimming pool and playing games in the shade but we were also creative and learnt a lot of new things. When the parents came not many were left of the brownies. Everybody agreed that today's Masterchefs was the group of Jo and Mahsa, delicious!

But before cooking we were also creative in many other ways - the youngest ones can easily count to ten now, they made rocket and planet badges and read the book Aliens Love Underpants. The middle group acquired a lot of new vocabulary matching words with pictures and some enjoyed to feed the chickens with the lunch leftovers. The quiz results were finally announced and the team called Supergroup won a treat from planet Oreo. Then the whole group let their imagination go into outer space to discover, explore and describe new planets as unique as everyone's world.

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