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Rocket Collage

It was very hot today in farm school but we made the most of the weather and all the children, from the youngest to the oldest, had time to cool off and play in the swimming pool. The younger children were busy working on a space themed poster and rocket collage today. They also worked on some more key words: star; astronaut; sun; moon. Soon they’ll be ready to go into space themselves! The middle class had a very successful day today because they won the baking competition between all the groups by making the tastiest flapjacks! In class they were learning numbers by counting down from 10 to 0 preparing for a rocket blast off! They then did a space treasure hunt and Pol collected the most space cards. Well done Pol! They had some nice time with the animals too today. They sat in a circle and passed around the baby chicks taking it in turn to hold them, and some of the children had a turn riding Perla the donkey including Txell, Aneu and Ariadna. The older group learnt about the different phases of the moon today. They then went into the vegetable garden and did a great job watering the vegetables and picking onions which they took home with them. Perla was tired after her morning riding but she did let Laia have a special ride. After lunch all the children played a group game called Sardines where two people hid before all the other children tried find them and hide in the same place until every one was hiding in the same place. The children were very creative with their hiding places and it was very amusing trying to fit everyone in the hiding places while being quiet at the same time. We look forward to seeing every one again at farm school tomorrow!

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