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Super robot puppets

At farm school today, both groups took their turn in the garden. The older group, when it was their turn, gathered up as many fruits and vegetables as they could carry to see who could carry the most Sara managed the most but it was a very close competition. The older group managed to collect some potatoes, courgettes, some peaches and some ripe red tomatoes. The children in the younger group all made sure that they watered every plant in the garden then helped to collect some juicy red tomatoes, strawberries, raspberries and peaches.

The older group began their time at the kitchen, they set out to measure and mix the ingredients to make chocolate chip cookies and a real treat, they could make biscuit sandwiches with marshmallows between two biscuits. In the younger group, when it was their turn to cook today, they made some delicious vanilla and chocolate cookies.

The younger group visited the animals first. They collected a full basket of eggs and fed the chickens. Then it was time to go to the donkeys, the group made sure that there was plenty of hay there for them to eat and the donkeys had enough to eat as well. When the older group had their turn with the animals Arnou still managed to find one white egg. Then when it was time to see the goats and the sheep, the older group went in the gate to spread out the goat’s food and give Blanket some of his favourite fresh grass. Which funnily ended up on the sheep’s heads when it got thrown in.

For their activity today, the younger group made some super robot puppets using some interesting colours and shapes. The older children really kept an eye on the weather, they waited for the better weather to spend the last minutes of farm school swimming in the swimming pool. They practised their diving and swimming skills. It was especially exciting when they could use the bigger swimming pool.

Towards home time everyone collected their delicious treats and their diploma to show they completed their time here at Granja Escola. Well done.

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