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End of the academic year


This week we have been learning about firefighters, what they do and how they can help us. We made firefighter hats and fire stations and role played scenarios. We also enjoyed playing with a small world fire station with fire trucks. We loved making desserts in Cooking which consisted of a layer of mousse followed by strawberry jelly - yum!


Primary have been busy finishing work this week. In Mathematics, we have been working on our estimations in regards to measurement, with students estimating the number of steps it takes to walk around the block, before counting for themselves and converting their information to centimeters, meters and kilometers.

In science, we finished off our work on the topic, Look! Listen!, reflecting back over the unit and remembering as much as possible about the origins of sound and light and how the human body reacts and interprets them.


Group 1 has been learning how to say the time, to read a 24 hours and a 12 hours digital clock, and to switch from one to the other.

Group 2 has consolidated their knowledge in Algebra by learning how to solve simple equations. Sometimes it is not easy to isolate the unknown!

Group 3 has been plotting dots, working with different scales in the y and the x-axis.

Group 4 has ended up drawing some linear equations. This process has several stages: calculating the dots, given x values calculating their corresponding y-values, plot the dots and see that there are aligned.


We have continued talking about Energies, specially the Law of Conservation, and the transfer between Gravitational Potential Energy (GPE) and Kinetic Energy. The former one depends on the mass and the position; the latter one, on the mass and the velocity. In our daily we have many examples: a pendulum, a ball falling and bouncing on the floor, a swing...


This week they have learned about Fossils, how they are formed, what do we learn about them. Moreover, we have seen an example of a former human species fossilized: Salem a 3 years old girl that lived 3 millions 3 thousand years ago!...this proves we do not come from the Chimpanzee!


Remembering what a Species is, and how can we know that two animals are from the same species: because they can have fertile offspring. They have learned how to name a Species, that is, with a two part Latin Name...why do we use a dead language?...Because then it is Universal, not favouring anyone, and we can communicate with all the Scientists.


We had the results of the last Geography exam and briefly commented the mistakes. Overall, most of the class got good results on this final evaluation.


This week we have been watching Life is beautiful, a sad but really nice film. It helped us understand a bit more about a topic we have already studied; the Second World War and the Holocaust. Next week we will have to answer to a questionnaire about it.

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