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People who help us


This week we made milk from oats in Cooking. Then we used the leftover oats to make banana muffins - yum! In PE we have been working on throwing, catching, kicking and dribbling a ball. Our new topic is ‘People Who Help Us’. We are learning about different people in our community and what they do. We are starting with the police officers.


In Literacy we wrote our diaries and began filing to create a folder for all our work. It was great to see how much progress we have made over the course of the year. In Topic this week we looked again at boats and ships and did some sketching and artwork related to boats from different periods. We have had lots of rehearsals this week for Matilda, not long now until the performance!



This week we did a speaking exercise, summarising and describing a short animated film.


Group 1 has been doing divisions, the English way, the positions are different! Also she has been practising the multiplication tables.

Group 2 has finished the chapter about Statistics: Frequency tables, Mean, Mode, Range...are the concepts being studied. Then we have done some fractions.

Group 3 has done some problems in which she had to write an equation and solve it.

Altogether they have been doing some strategies to do multiplications without calculator, and at the end we have done a contest (see photo).


We have done the Extension Chapter about the Moon, its phases, the two different eclipses: the Lunar and the Solar one, it depends which one has the shadow, and that it has a "dark side", the one we never see from the Earth.


We have studied the chapter about the Sedimentary Rock Formation: after the Erosion process, that is Weathering and Transportation, all kinds of rock become smaller and deposit into layers. There, it undergoes a Cementation or a Compaction process, depending if the gaps between the sediments are filled with other substances or just being squashed.


We reviewed the past exam and checked the mistakes. For the rest of the day, we’ve been playing a really interesting game!


We’ve learnt about the local history of Llinars. From the oldest remains of the population that lived in the area 4.000 years ago, to the immigrations of the XX century. We also talked about the river and the nature that surrounds it, to understand how important it has always been to the people’s life. Moreover, we learnt about plants and their properties to heal. For that, we took a book about plants and went to explore the river!

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